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Kid Report: Harmony Park Safari

Kid Report: Harmony Park Safari

Prepare for close encounters!
Prepare for close encounters!

Harmony Park Safari is a special place because the animals there are really friendly. There are  deer, llama, ostrich, goats, antelope, cattle, zebra and lots more. All the animals love to eat so fast that they end up eating cups right out of your hand. This always makes my brother and I laugh.  

Family members of all ages will enjoy this park. My grandparents visited last year so we decided this would be a great place to take them to. They laughed as much as my brother and I did.  I really love the Emus best because they are so fast when they eat. Corn flies everywhere! They always seem very hungry when I get there and will eat all of the corn from you if you let them.  

Corn can be bought at Animal Park Safari for $5.00 a bucket. You will be able to stay in your car while you drive the big circle around the park and the animals will walk up to you as soon as you drive in. At the end of the park you can get out of your car and spend some time with the very large turtles and a beautiful peacock. We can’t wait to visit again this summer and see what new animals there are. It’s always an adventure at Harmony Park Safari! 

Harmony Park Safari Kid Turtle

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Harmony Park Safari Details

Location: 431 Clouds Cove Road SE, Huntsville, AL 35803
Admission: $10 per person | $5 per food bucket | Kids 2 and under are free.

Submitted By Hannah B.
Age 7


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  • $9 per person. We had a great time! Not allowed to feed animals out of your hand for safety reasons. Big horn sheep and bison will bump your car for food. Definitely need a car wash after (animal slobber) but it was worth it!

  • This is a of fun for the kids. Just be careful as the animals with horns can scratch up the side of your car when you are doing the drive thru 🙂

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