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Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt

The Whimsical Woods are a tradition at Burritt on the Mountain but this year it has a twist! This year we welcome the Whimsical WOOLY Woods! I used to be an avid knitter and we used to call this “yarn bombing”. It looks like the local fiberistas have been hard at work adding a colorful and “wooly” spin on a great classic.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt

As soon as you enter all of the kids will get a crown. As you visit each station they get to collect jewels to add to it along the way. The first spotting of yarn was easy to find being greeted by a friendly face first thing!

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt 2

What are the Whimsical Wooly Woods? It is a family friendly opportunity to merge history with story book creating a great opportunity to enjoy and learn about both. Through out the grounds, each station had a story book theme paired with either a craft, dressed up character, photo op or event to participate in. It was a fantastic mix of structure and free play and I was pleasantly surprised at how many different stations were available.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt 3

My kids really enjoyed the puppet show. Not only did they get to create their own puppet but they had a blast actually getting to help put on the show. The workers/volunteers were fantastic with the kids and made it a really fun experience.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt 4

As we wondered around, the opportunities to explore and exercise were everywhere. It was a perfect place to go to enjoy the nice weather and warmer temperatures we have had. It was great getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors with the kids and working some wiggles out.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt 5

I personally have a larger than average crew. With 4 kids spanning the ages of 1-7 there aren’t too many family activities that genuinely engage all of them at the same time, however, I can’t think of a single time throughout the day that any of them weren’t having fun. The activities were such that they could easily be adapted to a wide age range, keeping the kids tuned in and having fun along the way.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt 5

Just a few of the activities available were panning for gold, building sandcastles with Casey Jones, Lawn Checkers, acting out Little Red Riding Hood, climbing a spider web, interacting with animals, hanging with Rapunzel, crafting, dreaming with princesses, taking your shoes off with Huck Fin, putting on a puppet show, learning how to hoe a garden, finding Cinderella’s mice, playing dress up, a photo op with Bo-Peep and her sheep, playing ring toss, face painting, swimming with the Little Mermaid, Balls Falls, Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house, strolling along the yellow brick road, historic buildings and of course the gorgeous views of Huntsville throughout.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt 6

By the end of the day our crowns were sparkling, wiggles worked out, faces painted, photos taken, a bit dirtier than before, crafts in hand and new memories made.

In my book, that is the definition of a wonderfully successful day!

Parent Pro-Tips
    • Bring a bag or stroller – We amassed quite the collection of crafts, special rocks and a dandelion flower or two along the way. A stroller or extra bag will come in handy to keep your hands free.
    • Bring some food – We seriously underestimated how much time we would spend there. I was thinking it would be around 2 hours. 3 hours in and the kids (and their parents) were hungry and we weren’t even done yet. We rushed through the last few things so we could get on our way. We could have easily spent 4 hours exploring and enjoying the area. Plan accordingly – there are plenty of great spots to picnic.
    • Remember where the bathrooms are – once you get to the area where most of the activities there are no close bathrooms, so plan for a potty stop right when you get there so you don’t have to stop the fun and run!
    • Bring a camera – There were photo ops EVERYWHERE! You will be bummed if you forget it at home.

Whimsical Woolly Woods at Burritt On the Mountain

Location: Burritt on the Mountain (map)
Times: Now through September 1, 2016 | Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Cost: Free for members; $10 per adult, $8 for kids 3-18, ages 2 and under free
Phone: (256) 536-2882
Ages: 3-11
View Website | Facebook Page 

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