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Will You Be at Monster Jam 2016?

Will You Be at Monster Jam 2016?

MJ_LogoMonster Jam is back in the Rocket City and this year there will be FOUR huge shows over three big days!

Fans will see the return of World Champion, Grave Digger, as well as first-time Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Captain’s Curse, and DOOMSDAY.  This year they are carting in even more action-packed dirt into the Von Braun Center Arena, making this revved-up event even more fun!

Read our review of this family-friendly event HERE. (Pro-Tip: ear plugs are a MUST!)


Monster Jam 2016 Details

Dates: April 1, 2, and 3

  • Friday at 7:30PM (Pit Party 5:30-6:30pm)
  • Saturday at 2:00PM & 7:30PM (Pit Party 11:30-1:00pm)
  • Sunday at 2:00PM

Cost: Kid’s seats are 50% in advance | Tickets can be purchased at,, or the VBC Box Office

[themify_box style=”lavender rounded” ]Monster Jam Giveaway
ticketsSome lucky Rocket City Mom Readers will win a family 4-pack of passes to go see this spectacle of vehicular engineering. All you have to do is leave a comment below about which truck you are most excited to see. We’ll draw a winner on March 27th & notify them via email.[/themify_box]


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  • We want to see monster mutt dalmation!! Never been to the Monster Truck Jam before!! 🙂

  • Monster Mutt Dalmatian is the Best!!!!! We’ve never seen the monster trucks LIVE, I’m sure it’ll be exciting.

    • Congrats – you’re one of our winners! Check your email and reply to our message to claim your tickets.

  • My son is really excited to go see Grave Digger! It was my brother’s favorite when he was a kid as well. He has a collection that was passed down from my brother to the new ones! We are very excited to go!

    • Congrats – you are one of our winners! Please check your email and reply back to claim your tickets.

  • Monster Mutt Dalmation! So excited to go, it’s my son’s 4th birthday and it’s our first show!

  • My 4year old son with Autism can’t wait to see Gravedigger! He is his BIGGEST FAN!!! 🙂

  • My 3 year old twins are ssssooo excited to see Grave Digger ?….I must say much husband and I are just as excited….we can’t wait….we have never been able to see in person though

  • Hi,

    Do you think this is a bad idea to take a 3 year old? The review had me a little worried (marinating in tire smoke, and the sheer volume).

    • It could be overwhelming if your tyke is not a Monster truck fan – it’s pretty loud. No matter what, I’d definitely bring earplugs for both of you. You can always give it a try with the understanding you might have to leave a bit early if it becomes too much.

  • We want to see DOOMSDAY, it sounds so cool. My son loves monster trucks.

  • grave digger! praying for a win here:)! my 10yr old would love to go.

  • I can’t just pick one 🙁 would love to see Avenger (classic car turned monster truck ?), higher education, scooby-do, and zombie hunter!!!!

    • Congrats! You’re one of our winners! Please check your email and reply back to claim your tickets.

  • My grandson LOVES Grave Digger and I would love to see Monster Mutt Dalmatian!!

  • Having never been to Monster Jam, we would be excited to see any of these trucks for the first time!

  • My boys would love to see them all, but I bet they would like to see grave digger the most! We made him at the lowes build and grow workshop last year.

    • Congrats! You are one of our winners – please check your email and reply back to claim your tickets.

  • Would love to see this infamous ‘Grave Digger’. Have to admit I have never been to a Monster Truck Rally or anything like it really. Would be cool to see what it’s all about.

  • My son turns 3 yrs. old this week and I plan to bring him to the Monster Jam for a birthday present. He is really excited to see Grave Digger! On a side note, we drove by the VBC today and he started yelling “monster trucks, monster trucks”!

  • Monster Mutt Dalmatian sounds …cute? Fun? Awesome? Whatever; I just hope we get to see it!

  • We are excited to see Grave Digger. My son has a toy version he plays with at home.

  • I can’t wait to see Monster Mutt Dalmatian but my son’s favorite is Grave Digger of course!!

  • My son is a huge Grave Digger fan. We loved the show last year. You won’t meet a more courteous group of entertainers. Everyone signed his souvenir shirt!

  • Grave Digger! If I’m not mistaken I keep thinking that truck has been around since we were kids right?

  • My boys said all of them! We have never been and they like any monster truck they see ?

    • Congrats – you’re one of our winners! Please check your email to claim your tickets.

  • I think my stepsons would love seeing all of them, especially Grave Digger. I’d like to see what received the name Mutt Dalmation.

  • We would love to see The Gravedigger and wish that we could see Roselee driving her truck.

  • My boys would be excited to see any of the monster trucks but they really like Blue Thunder!

  • We have never been to Monster Jam but my son loves Grave Digger! We would love a chance to go!

  • I am excited to see all of them, me and my family have never been before and we would love to will so we could have a much needed family day out together,thanks for the chance!

  • Grave digger is the best would love to take my little girl to see all the trucks

  • Grave Digger is my kids favorite but they would love to see Monster Mutt Dalmation.

  • My son is looking forward to see Gravedigger and Doomsday.. He is 6 and crazy about Monster Jams.

  • I’d have to say the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle truck! Been a fan since day 1!

    • Congrats – you are one of our winners! Please check your email and reply back to claim your tickets.

  • I would like my daughter to see the grave digger. Always a favorite. Never been but would love to go one.

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