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Monster Jam: Big (and Loud) Family Fun

Monster Jam: Big (and Loud) Family Fun

Grave Digger monster truck

UPDATE MARCH 12, 2020 – This event has been postponed. Monster Jam is coming, Rocket City Moms and Dads! Race to save the date for April 3-5 at the VBC Arena!

Ever been to a monster truck show? The boys and I took in our first one a few years ago and had a blast. Monster trucks have two basic tricks: running and jumping over junked cars and doing doughnuts. That’s not a very big repertoire, but if the tricks are good enough, you don’t need a lot of them.

These are good tricks. The trucks fly a little higher and spin a little faster than you think they’re going to, and you’re chuckling to yourself before you realize it. (Also, you’re loving your kids laughing and pointing.) The drivers also compete against each other. They’re timed through a course, and they perform routines not unlike figure skaters.

Well, maybe they trade a little brawn for grace.

Look at those grins!
Look at those grins!

Monster Jam Parent Pro-Tips

Monster Jam is a goofy grin-inducing good time, but you and your children must be prepared for a relentless sensory assault. For one thing, it may be the single loudest thing I’ve ever experienced. I have been to scores of rock concerts and car races, and Monster Jam has unseated them all as far as volume is concerned. Ear plugs are an absolute necessity.

For another, you can count on marinating in tire smoke and exhaust for the entire show. People prone to headaches or with breathing difficulties may need to step outside the arena frequently, or skip the event altogether.

With those caveats, know that Monster Jam is a great, family-friendly outing with a highly favorable smiles-to-dollars ratio! We’re looking forward to returning.

Plus… Monster Jam Pit Parties!
At the Monster Jam Pit Party, you can see the massive trucks up close, meet your favorite drivers and crews, get autographs, take pictures and enjoy other family-friendly activities. It’s an unforgettable part of the Monster Jam experience where special connections are made and lifelong fans are born.
Saturday April 4, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM and Sunday April 5, 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

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Monster Jam 2020 Details

Where: VBC Arena, Huntsville (map)
When: April 3-5, 2020UPDATE MARCH 12, 2020 – This event has been postponed.
Friday at 7:00 PM
Saturday at 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM
Sunday at 2:00 PM
Doors open one hour before each show.
Cost: Tickets start at $15 | Purchase yours online in advance!
View Website | Monster Jam on Facebook

*Avoid transaction fees by purchasing tickets at VBC box office.


ticketsTell us your favorite family activity in the comments section and you could win a family 4-pack to next weekend’s Monster Jam show! We’ll draw a winner on March 29 and notify them via the email they use to leave the comments.

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  • Our favorite family activity to do together is hiking! Hope we win the tickets!!

  • My favorite thing is taking my kids to experience anything new! The look on their faces when they experience something in person they never have before or have only seen on TV makes my day! And the Monster Jam will definitely be a first!

    • Jennifer – please contact us ASAP at editor(at)rocketcitymom(dot)com to claim your prize!

  • Our favorite family activity is going to the movies or riding 4 wheelers. Both equally fun.

  • Getting to spend as much time as possible with my grandkids & taking them to feed the ducks at the park!

  • We love doing anything as a family (especially free, cheap activities on the weekend round up)! We really love going to the park and the greenway in South Huntsville!

  • My husband and I love taking our boys to Southerland Station to pick out a treat and then going to brunch! They always take a good nap on Saturdays.

  • As a family of four and a community of friends, we love Strawberry Picking the most. Looking forward and hoping to get tickets for Monster Jam 🙂

  • going to ride scooters/bike & going for walks at various parks around town.

  • Going to the movies (the carmike 10 behind the Walmart on university in Huntsville) is our favorite! $14 for 4 people, popcorn, and a soda, can’t beat that!

  • We like going out to eat and watching a movie or just hang out around the house.

  • Anything we can do together. Between work and school our lives get so hectic that we have to make the best of our time no matter what we are doing. Whether we are playing a board game or on vacation at the beach we always have a blast!

    • Andrea – please get in touch with us ASAP because you’re won of the winners! Email editor(at)rocketcitymom(dot)com for details.

  • Paintball is our favorite thing. When that’s unavailable, we will all choose an activity listed in the weekly roundup to do.

  • We love taking walks/bike rides to the neighborhood creek and throwing rocks in the water…and it’s been entirely too cold for that!

  • Our favorite is Family Game Night. It doesn’t matter what we play as long as we all are together laughing and having fun. 🙂

  • We love playing in the woods when it’s nice and video games when it’s not. As long as we play as a family we are happy!

  • We went last year and my boys had a blast! They have been talking about going again ever since!

  • as a family we love to get out an experience fun and interesting things. We love going to the botanical garden on warm days..:)

  • We love going to the Botanical Gardens as a family. My daughters love nature and the outdoors. We get our money out of our annual passes!

  • we love hiking, the beach and spending summer nights grilling and playing in the backyard.

  • Our favorite family activity is going to the park and playing disc golf my son is 3 years old and uses all the strength his little body has to throw the disc as far as possible so he can try to beat mommy and daddy♡

  • Our favorite thing to do as a family is fishing. We love spending the day at the lake, having a picnic and fishing. Our daughters get excited when they catch a catfish. So relaxing to us all.

  • Our favorite family activity is fishing at all the lakes in the county or a game of basketball in the driveway.

    • Hi karla,

      Do you know good places to fish for a dad and a 3 year old thats “easy” (access, difficulty, etc!)

  • Our favorite family activity is either hanging at the beAch or treasure hunting via geocache and letter boxing! So much fun! Hope we win!

  • Our favorite family activity is playing trucks with our almost 3 year old! He loves his trucks!

  • Our favorite family activity is exploring something new like going to different museums.

  • Our favorite family night is any night we have a great time without getting on each other’s nerves! Thanks! Hope we win!!!

  • My boys and I enjoy seeing new places and exploring the outdoors! This would be another great experience to share with my 3 boys! (this would be our first time)

  • We enjoy anything outdoors. Whether it is playing in the sand at the beach or roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

  • Our favorite family activity is going to the park and just spending time together. Like having a game night, or a picnic in the living room!! Just fun times making memories!

  • Our favorite family activity is just hanging out together, no matter where we are.

  • Favorite activity….everything! Memories of your children and loving husband is great, even if you are at home watching tv together 🙂

  • We love visiting new places and just spending time together in any form. Board games, playing ball, bowling, and a million other things! My son LOVES monster trucks and collects them.

  • We love horsebackriding, playing cards, and board games. We are definitely a competitive family! LOL

  • We love anything that gets us outside together as a family! Hiking biking and swimming are our favorites 🙂

  • Our family loves hiking and exploring, and when the weather warms up swimming!!!

  • Our 3 year old loves any activity that has or includes anything that has wheels and moves…….Our favorite activity as a family is going to little amusement places that has go karts or car, truck/amusement rides for the family, My husband and I love them as much as he does!!
    One of by favorite memories was seeing my son’s face when he first rode a go kart with his Dad for the 1st time 🙂

  • My 72 year old mother lives with me and my six year old son. She was diagnosed with Mulitiple Sclerosis in 1983. Due to the fact she can’t get around like she used to, our favorite family activity is to look through old family photos. This family activity gives my mother and I the opportunity to reminisce about the “good ole’ days”, and it provides my son with the opportunity to learn about his family. We enjoy the laughter and tears from these wonderful memories!

  • We have a tie for our favorite activity. Either going to a local park with friends or snuggling together on movie night. Both are fun with family and friends!! 🙂

  • Our favorite family activity is movie night with snack tray. We have fun foods like pizza rolls chips and dip with different cheeses crackers and sausage etc. We all cuddle up and watch our movie and snack and laugh. I got this tradition from my parents. Its one of the most memorable memories I have growing up every week cuddling on couch with my family watching our movie and eating a snack tray.I love that I get to do that now with my boys. They are only little for short time cherish every moment

  • My favorite thing to do with my kiddos is to take them somewhere new! I live seeing their little eyes light up with wonder at something they’ve never seen. They would love to see the monster trucks!

  • Our favorite family outing in Huntsville is going to Green Mountain, walking the nature trails and feeding the ducks if they’re there at the time.

  • I would love to take my Family to see this!! My son and husband loves trucks! I would love to see The Grave Digger! Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Our Favorite Family activity is going to the park. I would love to take the family here!

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