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Let’s Go to the Movies… with Kids!

Let’s Go to the Movies… with Kids!

At its simplest, catching a movie with your kids can simply serve as an afternoon’s entertainment; a distraction to kill time and provide some stimulation for your little ones away from the daily routine of school/home life.

But that time spent at the movies can springboard into so much more! Watching movies together as a family creates wonderful memories that you and children can share for a lifetime. It can serve as a springboard into a discussion of topics and events like adolescence, current world events, and social movements. And it can serve as a gateway to an artistic medium that will unleash your child’s creativity.

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.”― Audrey Hepburn

The first movie I remember seeing was Raiders of the Lost Ark with my dad and a friend of his. They talked throughout the whole movie. Raiders was released the summer of 1981, so I would have been four years old. The only memory I have of the movie was when Indiana emerges from the submarine, punches a guard, and takes his uniform. “Did he really ride outside the sub? No way.” – even my young mind didn’t really buy that.

Of course, the climax of the movie involves scores of Nazi’s having their faces melted off. Fortunately, I’ve repressed those memories, and I’m sure my dad didn’t realize the potential psychic damage he could have/did do to me.

RCM Presents Family Flick Picks

In an effort to ensure that you, our gentle reader, will not do the same to your kids we’re helping you preview upcoming kid and family friendly movies via Rocket City Mom’s Family Flick Picks. We’ll give you a listing (sorted by age), ratings, reviews, and recommendations.

For an additional resource, visit; it’s a great resource for parents to plan a night out at the movies.

But where to go to movies with the kids in Huntsville?

Movie Theaters in Huntsville

AMC Valley Bend 18
1485 Four Mile Road SE, Huntsville (map)
256-882-1202 | Website

370 The Bridge Street NW, Huntsville (map)
256-327-8340 | Website

Cineplanet 15 (Madison)
2100 Hughes Road, Madison (map)
256-890-7027 | Website

Cinemagic Theater & Drive In
1702 South Jefferson Street, Athens (map)
256-233-0402 | Website

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