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Earlyworks Presents Suppers with Santa

Earlyworks Presents Suppers with Santa

Have we got a ticket giveaway for YOU!

Each year on November 1st, the Earlyworks Society starts selling tickets for their ever-popular Suppers With Santa. If you want to avoid the malls and get some real face time with the Jolly Old Elf – not to mention eat a kid-friendly dinner with him – this is the way to go. Joining Santa this year at the supper table will be Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!

Ticket price also includes admission to Santa’s Village anytime through December 23.

Read our full review here for more details about the event, then leave us a comment on this post below about your favorite Santa memory of yours or your child’s. You could be the winner of our first 12 Days of Giveaways in 2015!

How to Win Tickets

Our friends at the Earlyworks Society are offering RCM readers a chance to win a family 4-pack of tickets to Suppers With Santa 2015 on Tuesday, December 1st at 5:00 PM. To enter, leave a comment on this post about your favorite Santa memory. We’ll pull a winner Friday, November 6th, 2015. (Be sure to use an email address you check often to claim your tickets! After 48 hours, we’ll pull new winners for unclaimed prizes.)

To Buy Suppers With Santa Tickets

This year’s event will be held November 30 – December 3 in the EarlyWorks Children’s Museum. Families can choose either the 5:00 or 6:30PM seating. Dinner includes chicken tenders, salad, fruit, and Christmas cookies! The Grand Hall will be transformed by Society members into a winter wonderland – decked with lots of Christmas cheer. Santa Claus will visit each child in attendance and will be available for photo opportunities. Tickets are $15.00 per person and go on sale November 1, 8:00AM. Don’t wait, as this event is a Huntsville family tradition and a magical holiday experience and sells out quickly! To purchase Suppers with Santa tickets please visit


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  • My favorite Santa memory was last year we were in the process of moving to Huntsville (which was very hard for me and the kids) we were out looking for places to live and stopped by bridge street to pass some time and there we saw this awesome Santa and got some great pictures and he talked to the girls for the longest time and at that moment I knew they would be ok here!

  • We love all of our Santa memories. I love to see my kids face when they see him or sit in his lap and tell him want they want!

  • The year I got a trampoline for Christmas, Santa left me a note by the fireplace to look outside for one more gift. I definitely held onto believing in the magic of Santa at least a year longer after that 🙂 (and then a few years later, I found the letter and realized my mom hadn’t disguised her handwriting at all! Guess she knew she was safe at the time – I had no clue, ha!)

    (Also, December 1 is a Tuesday…)

  • Last year my family had breakfast with Santa at Seaworld San Diego. It was an amazing time to sit right next to Shamu, have Santa sit with us for a bit while my 2 sons got to chat one on one with him, and then take amazing photos with him in his sled. This is something that will stick with us for a lifetime. Can’t beat getting a little extra salt on your bacon from Shamu snoring beside you!

  • My favorite memory was when our child talked about his faith to Santa! It was precious!

  • I love the look on my kids face every Christmas morning! One year Santa left a boot behind and my girls were so excited!

  • When my boys insisted they weren’t scared of Santa & then threw the biggest fit when we went to get pics made!

  • Seeing my daughters face when she thinks Santa and his reindeer are on our roof!!

  • My favorite memory about Santa was a Christmas spent at MY Aunt and Uncle’s house with my two cousins. My cousin was sent on an hour long treasure hunt from Santa to find his present. We had a ball helping him find his clues.

  • I have wonderful memories of Santa. Fall/winter are my favorite times of year. I always try to make lasting memories for my children and winning these tickets would be so greatly appreciated.

  • I love seeing all 4 of my girls face when they get to sit with santa and tell him what they want for Christmas and the smiles on there face as they open there gifts from santa Christmas morning. Every year is alittle different as they get just alittle older!!

  • My favorite Santa memory is when my boys were 2 and 5. They were really into Thomas the Train and Legos (well, they still are, but this is the first year they both really loved them). Every single present from Santa was either a train (for my then 2 year old) or a big Lego set (for my ten 5 year old). Their faces were priceless.

  • My older sisters barricading me in the bedroom when Santa was jingling around the living room with Christmas presents. I desperately wanted him to tell me EVERYTHING about reindeer. 😀

  • One year we took my oldest to Breakfast with Santa when we lived in NC. He loved going to a tea restaurant and chatting with the Big Guy at our table.

  • My favorite Santa memory is when we found the app that gives kids personalized video messages last year. When my son heard Santa say his name his eye became wide and his jaw dropped. He started jumping up and down. He always believed in Santa but that was the moment Santa became real.

  • I would love to bring my youngest son and daughter to see Santa. I have a special memory of my son seeing Santa 3 years ago. He has come so far since then and I know he would enjoy seeing him. My daughter too.

  • My greatest memory would be bringing my 1st child to see Santa as a baby and how she just stared at him in amazement!

  • I love the excitement my kids get on Christmas Eve preparing for Santa’s arrival. They love putting out reindeer food and our magical door key.

  • My favorite Santa memory is my daughter making sure the path in front of the fireplace is clear for him!

  • My favorite memory is everytime my kids see Santa. They are always amazed and it never seems to get old.

  • My favorite memories are yet to come, because now I get to enjoy the spirit of Christmas with my son. I can wait for him to visit Santa this year, he’s going to love it!!

  • My favorite Santa was at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC every Christmas with my late grandfather. I’m hoping this year, with our 2 year old, we’ll start new traditions!

  • My favorite Santa memory was when my son was 4. I wanted to make sure that Christmas was special so at 11:00 pm on Christmas Eve you could see my husband and I out in our front yard with flour and glitter sprinkling it on the ground then my husband stomping in it to make footprints all the way into the house and to the tree. I’m sure it was comical to watch but our son’s face in the moring when he saw everything was priceless.

  • My girls are 6 and 4 so it’s only been the last year or so they have really gotten into Santa. I love watching the looks on their faces when they interact with him. And of course, Christmas morning is priceless!

  • My favorite Santa memory so far is when my daughter was 9 mo and she just stared and stared into his face. She’s 2 now and I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun in the coming years.

  • We have so many awesome Christmas memories. Last year, we took our daughter ice skating for the first time at Big Spring Park. We drank hot chocolate and walked the Tinsel Trail looking at the beautiful trees. We listened to the Christmas music and laughed all night. Downtown Huntsville offered the perfect setting for a magical holiday memory.

  • My children are 6 & 12. My little one has been writing a letter to Santa for last two years and my older one has been writing her back as the Santa himself. I love watching him help his sister address/stamp/mail the letter and love seeing my little one’s face light up when she opens and reads the reply letter from Santa! That’s what it’s all about…priceless for me! 🙂

  • My favorite memory of Santa was two years ago at Constitution Hall village. It was the first year my son really understood Christmas and who this person in red was .
    He was so excited, and you could really see the magic the season in his eyes .

  • My favorite Santa memory is when we randomly passed by a Santa downtown. My son’s eyes were smiling and then Santa even talked to him!

  • Any Christmas since my son was born. He is now 3. I have always loved Christmas and all of the magic of believing in Santa, but seeing it through his eyes makes it even more magical.

  • My oldest son called him ‘Santa Closet’ when he started talking. He dresses up like Santa every year and tells his siblings that when Santa retires, he is going to take his place. He keeps asking me when will that be? He truly has a heart as BIG as Santa’s. I hope he always stays that way.

      • Stephenie,

        I replied to the email that you sent me as I cannot get the above link to work. It gives me the message:

        Windows Internet Explorer
        Could not perform this operation
        because the default mail
        client is not properly installed.

        My kids and I are very excited to
        win this. Thanks so much for
        everything everyone does on this

  • My favorite santa memory with my son was when he was a toddler, we went to take santa pictures, and he thought santa was very interesting until it was time for him to sit on santa’s lap. When it was time to be on his lap, he had a total meltdown. Santa was not upset – he laughed and talked with him until he was comfortable and his kindness to my kid just stays with me.

  • Santa is such an experience for children. I just remember how my son, who was two at the time, had basically rehearsed what he was going to ask Santa for. We wait in line at Constitution Village to see Santa and he sits in his lap and completely freezes up. As soon as we walked out, he was ready to tell him all about what he wanted for Christmas. Wasn’t his only visit to Santa that year, so he had his chance on the NARM train!

  • When my daughter was 2 1/2, we spent Christmas at the grandparents. She couldn’t believe her eyes when we came back home, and Santa had left her Christmas presents under our tree.

  • As a child I used to always try to “catch” Santa but never could stay awake long enough. I still remember one year I really wanted a new bike and after opening all my presents and not finding one I was a little disappointed. My mom then asked me to get something out of the kitchen. When I walked into the kitchen I found my shiny new bike waiting on me!

  • My parents did not raise me with the “Santa experience”, so it was not until I had my son that I truly was able to experience this. Funny thing is since my husband and I could not decide how we were going to address it, we just never said anything to our son. When our son was 3 he asked about Santa, and I told him the truth keeping with my family tradition. Somehow that just did not sit well with him and he decided that Santa was real despite what I said. My fondest memory of Santa was last year. My son took it so seriously. He wanted to see him and tell him what he wanted. He wanted to see if Santa was good on his word. I did not have the heart to dash his dreams, so I played along. Watching him experience the whole thing was nothing short of magical!

  • My 5 year old recently had pictures with Santa, and she asked us if it was the real santa. We told her of course it was, that he always comes to check in on them before Christmas. You could just see the awe and wonder on her face! Love it!

  • Since Christmas 2010, my wife and I have enjoyed watching our 3 children’s anticipation for Christmas the whole month of December. Not to mention, what “Mitch”, the elf on the shelf, does each day before Christmas. Great Times !!

  • This will be my daughters second Christmas. I’m sure she would love to have some fun with Santa. I can’t wait to see her face with all the Christmas presents under the tree this year.

  • My little boy’s first Christmas when he got to play with trains and read with Santa while taking pictures. Priceless photos!!

  • Last year was my daughter’s 2nd Christmas but the 1st one she realized that Santa is involved. She enjoyed meeting him because he gave her a mint after holding her. Then in early February we were out shopping and she saw an older gentleman with a long beard and “jolly” belly. She excitedly waived hello and said loudly, “Hi Santa! Can I please have a mint?!” Thankfully the gentleman didn’t mind and gave her a big smile and waved back!

  • My favorite, or shall we say, funniest Santa memory is the year my daughter got teacher barbie. She ran to the living room and exclaimed ” I got teacher barbie!” and then turned her upside down to see if she was wearing panties. lol. That is the year Mattel recalled the dolls because even though there was the trademark B in the private area, it wasn’t painted white and under teachers dress was no panties.

  • Last year for Christmas my 4 year old received a letter from Santa Claus that talked about how special he was and hos good he had been this year! His whole face just lit up with joy and that was all he talked about for months to come!!

  • Having lost my mother this year and being the first Christmas without her , Ill imagine my grandson seeing Santa and the joy Santa will bring him. Will be a pretty good Santa moment for our family. Pure Joy in a child’s eye.

  • My favorite Santa memory (so far) was the year that my first child was old enough to leave a note for Santa on Christmas Eve. He also left cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. It was such a joy to see his amazement the next morning when he found an empty plate and a thank you note from Santa!

  • My favorite thing to memory was last year when my kids came downstairs and as they were searching for their stockings (which is what Santa always leaves all their presents in-these are giant stockings), they found one of Santa’s gold buttons that had fallen off of his suit. It is a real brass button and it has a big S on it. The only expressions on my children’s faces were priceless. They were in complete amazement. This was especially heart warming as my children are not little kids, but with the help of family, we still have the magic of Christmas to brighten our holidays.

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