Huntsville Train Lovers Will Find Plenty To Love About the Rocket City

It’s no secret that Huntsville is known for rockets – we’re Rocket City USA!

But this city is a boon for little train enthusiasts everywhere… IF you know the places to look. When you’ve got a kid that’s crazy for Thomas the Tank Engine, or goes nuts for anything on rails, Huntsville can be a great place to explore!

Little Toot’s Imagination Station

A hidden gem located inside of the Historic Huntsville Depot, this indoor play area is perfect for the smallest of train lovers. Kids can play dress-up with the assortment of costumes, and pretend to be the conductor at the ticket counter of the wooden train and caboose. Outside, the Depot itself is a treasure trove of train paraphernalia, and kids can ride the miniature train on the grounds during warmer weather.

A great place for train lovers.
A great place for train lovers.
Catch the Bridgestreet Train

Another great hidden Huntsville train for wee ones can be found at one of our favorite places to shop – Bridgestreet Town Center. You can take a fun-filled, scenic ride through the promenade past shops, restaurants and Monaco Pictures, over the cobblestone bridge, and near the lake at $3 per person.
Bridgestreet Train

North Alabama Railroad Museum

For kids who want to take a ride on an actual working train, this is the place to be. Not only does NARM host regular kid-friendly train excursions, they coordinate them around your favorite holidays. The Santa Train, Punkin’ Pickin’ Run, and the Peter Cottontail Express are just a few. The wonderful people at the museum are very knowledgeable and love to share their wisdom with train lovers of all ages.

Trains on Main in Madison

Before Madison was a bustling suburb, it was important train station for the state of Alabama. The trains still run right through Main Street, and now kids have a hands-on activity that can keep them busy for a few hours! Trains On Main is a scavenger-hunt through downtown Madison, with kids using clues to help them find all the tiny trains hidden through out the city. Pick up a clue card at the Madison Chamber of Commerce to search for the eight bronze trains. There’s a small prize if you return your clue card with all the hiding spots!




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