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Huntsville City School Board Election Guide

Huntsville City School Board Election Guide

If you’re a parent with kids in the Huntsville City School system you probably already know there’s a BIG election coming up on August 26, 2014.

Just like in previous local elections that specifically affect families, Rocket City Mom has compiled a series of posts about each candidate running for Huntsville City School Board. We asked them to answer the same nine questions, and have run their responses each unedited and as they have sent them to us.

School board candidate Collage

Click each candidate’s name below to read their replies to Rocket City Mom’s questions. Then do some of your own homework to find out what’s going on in your district! You can even meet the candidates in person at the Candidate Forum Event at Huntsville High School on August 18th.

We hope this helps busy parents discover more about the school leadership running for election in their district.

Get more information about where and how to cast your ballot HERE.

District 2 candidates are as follows:

Richard Buchanan
Beth Wilder

Schools in District 2:
Blossomwood Elementary School
The Chapman Schools
Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary School
Hampton Cove Elementary School
Hampton Cove Middle School
Huntsville Middle School
Jones Valley Elementary School
Lee High/New Century Technology High School
Monte Sano Elementary School

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District 3 candidates are:

Dr. Ellen Brusick
Elisa Ferrell
Anson Knowles
Kathie Rooker
Pat Sanders

Schools in District 3:
Chaffee Elementary School
Challenger Elementary School
Challenger Middle School
Farley Elementary School
Grissom High School
Mountain Gap P-8 School
Weatherly Heights Elementary School

District 4 candidates are:

Kimberly Battle
Walker McGinnis

Schools in District 4:
Huntsville Center for Technology
Huntsville High School
McDonnell Elementary School
Morris Elementary School
Ridgecrest Elementary School
Westlawn Middle School
Whitesburg Elementary P-8 (also some in Districts 2 & 3)


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  • I am looking forward to reading the candidates responses. Thank you for doing this report. It will be helpful to many. I wanted to make a comment that Whitesburg P-8 families are primarily in District 3 but there is a small group also in District 2 as well as another group in District 4 which is where you listed Whitesburg P-8 in your article. Yes, three districts! Many people do not realize this. 🙂 Thank you!!

    -Alicia Fanning

    • Wow – thanks Alicia! I didn’t realize that. On the HCS website it just says Whitesburg PS is in district 4, then we got emails it was district 3! I’ll edit.

  • Thanks for this wonderful resource! Just FYI – I am zoned for Whitesburg P8, but am in district 3. So the school list in that regard might be confusing to some. I had to go to the city’s website to double check my zone after seeing it listed as zone 4 here.

  • Schools are listed according to their physical location, not the residence of their students. Yes, many schools serve students from districts outside their physical addresses. Remember schools (in most cases – yes, some are being relocated now) do not move; district boundaries change according to census counts.

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