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Skate Castle in Decatur Offers Great Option for Tiniest Skaters

Skate Castle in Decatur Offers Great Option for Tiniest Skaters

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this place sooner?! The Skate Castle Fun Center in Decatur offers a Preschool Skate every Thursday from 9:30-11AM and it’s awesome. Don’t let the name scare you off. The skating takes place during the last 30 minutes–the first hour and a half is play time!

Just one of the many riding toys your child can try out.
Just one of the many riding toys your child can try out.

Children who are Kindergarten age and younger can dance on this classic skating rink floor under the disco light or ride their roller racers, play in the inflatables, climb and slide in their indoor play area, and enjoy a toddler room that includes a ball pit, slide, merry-go-round, and a mechanical car that is free to ride. The cost is only $3.00 per child (adults are free) and includes a drink in the concession area during Snack Time. (You are welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks.) My three year-old’s favorite part was dancing the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, and running around the floor to the music of “Wipe-Out” and falling down when the announcer said, “Wipe-out!” At 11:00, kids trade their shoes for a pair of roller skates and give it their best try. There are plastic walkers on wheels that the kids can use to help them not fall down.

There's more to do than just skate.
There’s more to do than just skate.

We all had a ball, including the adults and everyone was worn out by the time it was over. The $3 admission per child is well worth the money. The facility is very clean and taken care of, and there are bathrooms centrally located. Strollers are welcome. Another perk of this visit is that the rink is centrally located to plenty of restaurants and shopping so it was easy to find a local restaurant to visit for lunch after we worked up such an appetite!


When: Thursdays from 9:30-11:30AM
Where: 401 14th St. SW, Decatur, AL 35601
Cost: $3 per child (adults are free)
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  • Thank You so much for the kind words ! I just saw the article that you wrote and I must tell you that it is nice to here positive comments like that ! The complaints are what I normally get to hear justified or not . So to see an article like yours lets me know that the hard work that no one sees , is worth it !

    Thank You Again ,

    J.A. Phillips

  • I love skating and have always went until having kids. We are going to start coming and bringing friends. J.A. You have always done a great job even when we were young mama(Linda “aka Holland” Ryan)had our bdays there every year and I grew up there most tues, thurs, fri and sat nights I was there and I pray my boys will soon love to skate. I still wear my old purple painted low tops from 15 years ago 🙂

  • We love the Skate Castle!!! Drive from Madison because it’s our favorite rink. I have two girls, 2 and 5.

  • What about the older kids? Is there anything they can do while the preschoolers play?

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