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Crave Sno Cones Provide a Taste of Childhood

Crave Sno Cones Provide a Taste of Childhood

I first met the Guerrero family at the Seriously Fun Street Fair earlier this year. It was a hot summer day and I had just finished setting up the Rocket City Mom tent. Families were starting to arrive and stop at each booth – pretty soon I was chatting with moms and dads and noticing some of the kids had cups of colorful mounds of shaved ice topped with all sorts of candies and cream. Some were as big as some of the little one’s heads and no two cups were the same. My introduction to Crave Sno Cones did not disappoint!

Armando and Priscilla Guerrero came to Huntsville in February of 2009 and always had the impression that they were headed back to their home state of Texas.

The Guerrero Family owns Crave Sno Cones in Hazel Green.

“The Lord had other plans for us. The summer of ’09 my wife was pregnant and her biggest craving was a sno cone. Needless to say, she went that summer without a sno cone (shaved ice) as well as two more summers. At our third year we felt led to stay here in Huntsville and decided that if we were going to stay in the area, we would have to open up a sno cone stand to cool us down. This, my friends, is the short story how Crave Sno Cones came about. A small part of our hearts was opened to the public in May of 2012.”

Located in the heart of Hazel Green on Highway 231-431, Crave Sno Cones is set up in a portable unit, making it easy to pick up shop and head to community & church events, birthday parties, company picnics, and anywhere kids and their families might be hot and in need if a cool treat.

Parents will be thrilled to learn that the frozen concoctions have no high-fructose corn syrup, a surprising relief for kids with food sensitivities.

The Guerrero’s favorite part of being small business owners is their clientele. “Nothing is more pleasing than interacting with people in this business. We truly enjoy listening and conversing with new friends as we talk back and forth, get to know them and especially joke around while having a sno cone together. Getting to know people is just one of the many perks to having a little shack where we can take our time to provide customer satisfaction and ensure that we implement recommendations based on their input.”

If you’re a sno cone fan, you’ll be happy to see the flavors of your childhood are still available at Crave, and if they don’t have it, they’ll get it.

“We strive to serve people who want to reminisce and step back in time to their childhood. When someone says they like a flavor that we don’t have, we give them a timeframe for them to come back to get it. Another thing that sets us apart is our extensive list of flavors that we offer, as well as some unusual combinations that not many people would think of.”

As with most family businesses, the biggest challenge is the balancing act. “Time management, time management and time management. It’s a difficult thing to find a healthy balance of family time, business time, and coming up with new ideas to continue improving the people’s experience every time they drop by and visit.” Doing business by the Golden Rule is also an important part of the Guerrero’s philosophy. “All we are doing is having fun and treating everyone with love, kindness, and seeing people through His eyes.”

Crave Sno Cones is a wonderful treat on a hot summer day, plus they have the best selection of flavors I have seen. Everyone is wonderful and treat you like old friends. My family enjoys getting one every chance we get. – Michele Jordan

Contact Crave Sno Cones

14091 Highway 231-431, Hazel Green
Phone: (256) 323-1320
Crave on Facebook & Twitter

Armando is offering one lucky Rocket City Mom reader an amazing giveaway. You can enter to win below: sno cones for up to 15 kids (+2 adult guests) and 45 hot dogs for a birthday party or other event at your desired location within Huntsville and nearby surrounding areas. This is HUGE – they’ll practically cater your party!


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  • A Sno Cone party would be a great reward for my daughter’s class. They are being so good transitioning from summer fun to school. This would be a great summer send off for them. And she has 15 children in her class, so it would be perfect!

    I also noticed the high-fructose corn syrup. A great added benefit.

  • Yesterday’s “fire starter” cracked me up because when I was in high school, I walked smack into a fire extinguisher that was hanging on the wall (no door on that sucker!) Right in front of the football team afterbeing asked to a dance by the QB. the article was also good perspective to read. I, too, ask far too many questions of my 3year old and need to learn to let her bring the info to me instead of me extracting it from her!

  • I love Sno Cones! My best friends first job was working at a Sno Cone place (10+years ago) and it brings back great memories! I can’t wait to check this out.

  • That sounds yummy. Now that I think about it, I don’t think either of my children have ever had a snow cone, we’ll have to change that!

  • So glad to read this post today! I have passed by their place many times & have meant to stop by so I am glad to learn more about them!

  • wow i can’t remember the last time i had a sno cone! and any excuse to have a party!

  • My husband and I are also native Texans, who searched the area for a sno-cones!!

  • I may have to drive up there today!!! ive been wanting a snow cone ALL summer! my little ones birthday is coming up this would be AWESOME!

  • I love, love, love SnoCones. Especially the ones with cream on them. My mouth was watering just looking at the pic. I would have never thought of a snowcone/Hotdog party but both my kids would eat that up!!! 🙂

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Armando and his family this past Spring. The are so amazingly nice!! And of course their snow cones are the BOMB! Green apple = awesome <3 It is definitely worth the drive from anywhere in Madison County, check them out!

  • My kids LOVE snocones, but we haven’t found any lately. Glad to know where to go now!

  • SNow COnes sounds great! YUM! what a cool idea, and a very cool giveaway!

  • I’m so excited. I’ve been wanting a sno cone all summer and didn’t know where to find one. Now I know. I’ll definitely be driving up 231 soon.

  • remember folks, if we aren’t at a location where we are conveniently located, we can always pack up and go where we can be at your disposal.

  • What a great addition to our community! I’ll be looking for you around town!

    • Where are you located by M(r)s Sandy? We’ll be making a trip to Madison this Saturday if the weather holds up.

  • Yummo! Will definitely have to bring my kids by! 🙂
    Where in Madison will you be on Saturday?

    • Megan,

      I’ve recently posted up our weekly spots on Facebook. If you’d like to also,you can email us, call, heytell,text(your choice) and we’ll gladly tell you where we will be at. Just so you know though, we’ll be in Huntsville on Saturday. 256-323-1320

  • This is so neat! I love the idea of it being portable where you can travel around. We moved from KY recently and they had a sno cone place set up during the summers that my kids and I would love going to. Perfect for after a game, a day out walking, running errands on the weekend, etc. We even got to know the owner well since we were frequent visitors. This is the first one we’ve actually heard of down here. My daughter would love it for her birthday party especially since she’s having a pool party this month. Great idea!

  • Yum! We had a SnoBiz in town when I was teen and we loved to go and get snocones!

  • My kids love sno cones! We had a little shaved ice machine kitchen appliance for a while, but it just didn’t do a good job, so we got rid of it. Good to know where to go to get real sno cones now!

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