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The WBCNA Can Help Your Business Grow

The WBCNA Can Help Your Business Grow

Greetings and well wishes to my fellow sisterhood of Mommies. Do you own your own business? Or, are you perhaps dreaming and planning to start a business? And finally; do you want to be hugely successful in your business pursuits?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I am humbly honored to introduce you to the WBCNA which stands for Women’s Business Center of North Alabama! Our motto at the WBCNA is “get personal—create success.” That motto speaks to the heart of our mission; which is to provide individualized services and support to grow successful businesses in North Alabama.

Here are the facts:
• Since inception WBCNA helped start over 300 businesses.
• In 2011 we counseled over 2100 clients.
• It’s not just for women! Nearly 50% of our clients last year were MEN!

Simply stated; the WBCNA program is highly effective in growing successful businesses.
In the 8 years that I’ve been involved with the WBCNA, I’ve seen time and time again that the clients who follow our program and stay involved are consistently growing stronger and more profitable companies—even in the midst of a challenging economic environment.

I have known through personal observation that the services we provide do indeed make a strong impact! More recently, though, I have come across more specific researched-based theory that I think reconciles to my personal observations and, in my mind, helps explain why the WBCNA is so highly effective.

In 2009, Steven Kaplan, Mark Klebanov, and Morten Sorenson completed a study called “Which CEO Characteristics and Abilities Matter?” They concluded the traits and disciplines that correlated most powerfully with success were attention to detail, persistence, efficiency, analytical thoroughness, and the ability to work long hours. Jim Collins published a best-selling book called “Good to Great” that looks at the personality traits of the CEO’s of the highest performing companies and his CEO’s were likewise highly disciplined!

[pullquote type=”2″ align=”right”]“The most successful business people are not “self-made.” Contrarily; the smartest business people take their own individual creative outputs and build a community of support around it.”[/pullquote]

So, my own conclusion to their study is that the WBCNA program is effective because through a framework of organization, as a central entity, it cultivates certain habits of order, discipline, and regularity in its client companies. If persistence isn’t necessarily your strong point—then just get involved with the WBCNA — you’ll persist because that’s the expectation we will set for you. Through persistence you will achieve success. Here’s another example of how our processes are designed around the virtues of success. Each time you meet with a WBCNA business coach you will leave your coaching sessions with a list of mutually agreed-upon goals. It’s a small thing to write out a goals sheet but over time moving daily toward a defined goal is a discipline that can lead only to success. The most successful business people are not “self-made.” Contrarily; the smartest business people take their own individual creative outputs and build a community of support around it. They formulate an executable plan and work daily toward accomplishing their goal. The WBCNA is the structured framework that can help you stay focused on your strategic business goals. We exist to build a community of support around your business, focusing you on profitability and a well-defined plan of execution.

We begin by bringing you in for one-on-one personalized coaching sessions. You’ll be paired with the coaches that best match your business needs. Beyond the coaching, we also provide training and networking. Our flagship training course is called FastTrac. FastTrac is a comprehensive course that spans 10 weeks and results in a definitive and robust business plan. We are the only organization in North Alabama certified to teach FastTrac. In addition to coaching, training and networking, we also have niche services targeted to government contracting and veterans. Another indirect offering in our service package is that we host a weekly radio show on WTKI targeted to the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs. The radio show is a great platform to promote our client success stories.

The WBCNA is located conveniently in, and partnered with the Chamber of Commerce in downtown Huntsville. Put the resources of the WBCNA to work for you! Please visit our website at or call us 256-535-2038.


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    • Hi Marie – we do a social media workshop for our partners and sponsors. We also do freelance consulting if you’re interested.

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