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Mother’s Day Brunch Made Easy

Mother’s Day Brunch Made Easy

[box type=”1″] Editor’s Note: We’re thrilled that local restaurant reviewer and blogger, Amanda (AKA The Dining Dragon) agreed to help us out with some great Mother’s Day Brunch information and recommendations. If you’re ever lucky enough to get a night out, I recommend stopping by her site before you make your reservations.
[/box]Mother’s Day…a day of handmade cards, sweet promises of angelic behavior, and, quite naturally, brunch. Celebrate motherhood with brunches from some of the best spots in town.

1892 East

The Dining Dragon Review
Brunch Hours: 10am-2pm
Location: 5 Points
Mother’s Day Specials: Yet to be determined. You can get an idea of their usual brunch fare here.
Quick Bite: 1892 East features locally sourced foods and is a nice halfway point between high end fine dining and a family restaurant. They offer a wide range of vegetarian options and are also kid friendly, with a dedicated kids menu.

The Eaves

The Dining Dragon Review
Brunch Hours: 10:30am-3pm
Location: Downtown
Mother’s Day Specials: Complete meals ranging from $17-$25, each including mimosas, and a mystery “treat for moms” which the owner would not divulge to me. The menu will be more streamlined than their usual offerings, with about 20 choices, but expect good things.
Quick Bite: An upscale eatery attached to a cooking school, the Eaves offers fresh, generously portioned food and some amazing cheesecake.

The Eaves Cheesecake ©The Dining Dragon


The Dining Dragon Review
Brunch Hours: 11am-2pm
Location: Airport and Whitesburg
Mother’s Day Specials: They will be serving some yet to be determined specials in addition to their regular menu.
Quick Bite: Brix is a tapas styled eatery which means small servings are typically ordered to be shared around the table.

Brix Cheeseplate ©The Dining Dragon

D & L Bistro

The Dining Dragon Review:N/A
Brunch Hours: 11am-4pm
Location: South Parkway
Mother’s Day Specials: The full mother’s day menu is available here.
Quick Bite: I have not yet tried D & L Bistro, but I have heard a number of positive things. Their brunch runs late enough to almost be an early dinner and the menu reflects that with items like Grilled Pork Loin Chop with Apple Butter and Roast Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus sidling up to the Eggs Benedict ala Bistro and Vegetable Frittata.

Nick’s Ristorante

The Dining Dragon Review
Brunch Hours: Saturday evening dinner, 5-11pm
Location: Bailey Cove
Mother’s Day Specials: 6oz fillet and lobster tail with salad and sides for $35 or move up to a 10oz fillet for $45.
Quick Bite: Nick’s offers a cigar friendly bar and lounge which means all patrons must be over 19. The dining room is smoke free (to the satisfaction of both my smoke-sensitive self and my asthmatic husband) so don’t let worry of traveling smoke deter you. They are running their Mother’s Day Special as a Saturday Dinner special on May 12th.

NOTE: Reservations are strongly encouraged and keep in mind that for large parties (typically 6 or more people) many restaurants will automatically assess an 18-20% gratuity.

Looking for something a little bit more low key? Try Edith Ann’s Taste of Home Diner at on South Parkway.

Brunch at Edith Ann’s ©The Dining Dragon


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