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A Mother’s Musings On Her Crystal Child

A Mother’s Musings On Her Crystal Child

As Mother’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think about my boys and what kind of men they will become. Especially my youngest, who has been on my mind more than usual.

E is our brute. He’s the brawn to his brother’s brain, the sheer will to his brother’s nuance. But don’t be fooled – that is no indication of E’s intelligence. He’s just more direct with his manipulation. He’s cute, he knows it, and he totally uses it to his advantage. It’s the same trait I can see we’ll need to stay on top of to make sure it doesn’t morph into cockiness as he gets older. He’s more likely to cuddle with you and still asks to be held and carried occasionally… never mind he weighs the same (if not more) than his older brother. His hugs are fierce and frequent, and thankfully outnumbered by his outbursts… barely.

Once, when my husband was traveling for work, he was hanging out in the hotel bar and met an interesting character who claimed to be an “International Astrologer” with clients all over the world. (My husband has a face that encourages people to talk because this kind of thing happens to him all. the. time. He should’ve been a bartender or a therapist or a priest because folks want to confess their sins and discuss the details of their lives with him without him ever encouraging that kind of interaction.)

Anyway, they got to talking and International Astrologer asked about hub’s family. When he learned a little about E he got excited.

IA: “He sounds like a Crystal Child!”

Hubs: “Umm… OK. What’s that?”

IA proceeded to rattle off characteristics of the revered Crystal & Indigo Children.

Hubs proceeded to laugh, and to compare them to our E.

  • Usually born after 2005. Check!
  • Have magnetic personalities and are highly affectionate. Check!
  • Usually late talkers. Check!
  • They love water which is beneficial in soothing them as babies. Check. He’s a fish at the pool and loves the beach.
My little beach baby.

Then… it got weird.

  • Uses telepathy and self invented sign language to communicate. Um. No.
  • Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving; very forgiving of others. The temper on E is anything but. He holds a grudge and eats even-tempered for breakfast. 
  • Are natural healers and peacemakers. Nope. He’s usually the one inflicting the pain. His brother used to tell him often, “I’M a lover. YOU’RE a fighter.”
  • Are very interested in crystals and rocks. Yeah… to THROW. 
  • Often are natural vegetarians and may have a high metabolism. Wrong. You know those images of cavemen with giant hunks of meat? That’s E. 
  • May be fearless explorers and climbers with an amazing sense of balance. Fearless, yes. Explorer, yes. But this kid is top-heavy and has sported at least two black eyes and countless goose eggs to prove it. 
  • Their energy may disrupt electrical appliances. Usually that’s because he’s smashed something into said appliance. 

I think it’s safe to say that E is NOT part of a more evolved, enlightened race of humans, and that Crystal & Indigo Children are really just another way for doting parents to worship their kids instead of raising their kids. This results in more rotten, spoiled rugrats that grow up to become rotten, spoiled adults.

But that’s just me. Thankfully, I’ve got E.


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  • I’ve heard of the Indigo child thing. Never the crystal child. enlightening. 🙂

  • You really should read more about indigo and crystal children before making such a hasty conclusion about both the children and the parents who raise them. The children are neither spoiled and the parents do not worship them. Usually the indigo and crystal children give much more than they receive and require neither doting nor spoiling. You are kind of off the mark in the conclusion that you have drawn. I am surprised to see such a highly critical column on rocket city mom. I am usually impressed by the authors’ balanced perspective. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but at least, the contributors to this website usually do a bit of research before stating their opinion.

    • My apologies if I offended you – that wasn’t my intention. This particular post was meant purely as an opinion piece and was never meant to be treated as research or hard journalism. I would hope if readers would like to know more about Indigo and Crystal Children they would take it upon themselves to learn more about the qualities they involve. Unfortunately, the gentleman my husband met in the airport was way off the mark about my son’s abilities.

      • Thanks for the response. No need to apologize. You really are entitled to your opinion. Even if you think it’s all kind of weird and just a bunch of bologna. I guess I just wanted to let you know that there is some compelling research out there about indigo children and crystal children that is very interesting and you don’t want to just go on what one individual says, even though the man seemed to know a good amount of info about the topic. By the way, the pic of E is adorable and crystal child or not, it sounds like he’s a pretty fun guy. :0-)

  • I think the “international astrologer” was misinformed a bit, but on to something. I will share when I see you today. I too inspire people to bear their souls. It’s the Cancer in us 🙂

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