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Cool Mom vs. Dork Mom

Cool Mom vs. Dork Mom

I have a teenager who I adore greatly. Except, of course, on the days he calls me panicking because he forgot something for a performance. Even better is when I call him back having my own panic attack because I can’t find the item, only to have him realize it was with him all along. Those days I want to trade him in for a nice potted plant.

But every other second of every other day, he’s a treasure. The problem is, teenagers inherently don’t like to hang out with their Moms. This is why I jumped at every opportunity I could to volunteer with his drama program at his school. Not only do I get time with him while he’s working on the performances, but I get time to get to know all of his peers.

This year I’m working on Grissom’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” I’ve had so much fun with it, I can’t even begin to describe it. I used to be a bit scared of being the parent to a teenager, but now? I love them ALL. However, I’m still very aware of my status as a parent and I always feel like I’m teetering over that DORKY MOM and COOL MOM line.

Cool Mom? Takes her kid to the midnight book release of the Harry Potter books. Dorky Mom? Cries when midnight hits and they finally start selling the books.

Cool Mom? Buys tickets for her son and friends to see the Glee concert movie. Dorky Mom? Stands up in the back of the movie theater dancing and singing to all of the songs.

Cool Mom? Gives the entire family different Harry Potter shirts to celebrate the last movie. Dorky Mom? Makes them then pose for a family picture wearing those shirts.

Luckily, my son doesn’t embarrass too easily. But even still, I do try my best to NOT be the dorky Mom. If I hear E and his friends chatting about something I’ve read or watched? I don’t just butt-in. No matter how tempting it is to pipe up and say, “I personally liked Tris of Divergent better than Katniss of Hunger Games.” But even though I try to stay “normal” when at all possible, there are the moments when my son uses my dorkiness to his own personal advantage.

All of the teenagers were eating during rehearsal this week and he called me over from the Adult Table to his friends. They were all discussing the shocking ending of the latest Glee and he knew that I keep up with spoilers and therefore am aware of what happens next. (Don’t worry! I won’t tell you!) He wanted me to tell his friends because they were dying to know! He actually ASKED me to totally dork out around his friends. And I did NOT disappoint. I dorked out talking about spoilers and set photos and teasers until I had lost every single cool point I had ever earned.

It was one of my most crowning achievements as a parent. I might have cried a little.


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  • You are awesome Kim. I love reading your blog posts and thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us!

  • I love it!!! I’m glad he appreciates both sides of his Mom Coin! I only hope I can harness my Inner Dork when mine get a bit older. She seems to bust out at all the worst moments.

    I’m also totally Team Triss. Loved Katniss, don’t get me wrong, but Triss seems to be a bit more multi-dimensional. However we’ve only seen book one, and there’s no telling how she’s going to be changed by the things that happen.

  • This was a hoot! I love this article. I only hope that when I am older, I am not the lame mom, which I am already teetering in that direction because I am not good at Wii. 😀

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