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Is One Sex Easier to Raise?

Is One Sex Easier to Raise?

“When are you due?” “Are you finding out the sex?” “Is it a boy or a girl?” “Which do you want?”  For the last couple of months these are the most common questions I answer during adult conversations. The first two are easy. The third, up until yesterday, was “we don’t know”. But that last question always throws me for a loop, even though I KNOW it will be asked.

Which do I want? I have no idea.

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it because I see no point. I have no control over the sex of this baby and I feel like it really doesn’t matter. We have a girl already so it seems like it would be easier to have another girl (I already know the basics and we have a lot of “girl” stuff) but with a boy our family would be a  matched set and we’d get to experience lots of new things.

But those area all practical reasons and that’s not really what people are asking when they ask what I want. They are really asking, which I would choose (if I could). Which do I think will be easier? Separation by sex is the most basic way we have of identifying people and it’s a pretty GIANT part of who you are. What role nature and nurture play in that is up for debate, but there is no question that boys and girls are very different. Babies are the easy part. I was a middle-school aged girl once and that thought terrifies me.

Is it easier to raise boys? I’ve heard they can be a handful but I’ve met a lot of preschool aged girls that can hold their own in that arena. It seems to me that boys have their own set of “issues” and while they may not be about body-image or popularity, that doesn’t make them easier.

What do you think readers? Those with boys and those with girls and especially those with both – is one easier than the other?

My little one hanging with one of her favorite boys.



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  • i wonder the same thing. I just had a boy after 3 girls.Everyone says he will be so diffrent. Crazy and boy like… my responce is usually…I already have 3 of those. 🙂

  • I have 3 girls and 2 boys… overall my boys are easier going but it could just be they take after their dad who is more laid back then myself.

  • I always thought I would be the mom of girls – and now I’ve got a 1-year-old son and another boy on the way! I think boys and girls are easy and difficult at different times but overall they probably are about even. I will say that I find myself buying WAY fewer clothes, accessories, etc. than I know I would if I had a girl 😉

    • Congrats Annna Claire! I’ll tell you a secret – shhhh – we’re having another girl 🙂 So I guess we won’t need to trade clothes after all but we’ll definitely need to get our little ones together for playdates.

  • I only have a boy (and that’s exactly what I wanted) but have spent many years in various child care jobs. Girls can be more dramatic and boys can be more active. BUT there’s always exceptions. I have heard from many parents with both that boys are harder when they’re younger and girls are harder when they’re teens.

  • I have a 16month old son so I cant say one is easier than the other but as a mom not to deal with hair bows and tights I love dressing my little man!

    • OMG the Hair! That actually has been a struggle for me. My little girl has the most gorgeous thick head of hair (which she gets from her dad) but I can’t do a thing with it and every morning I threaten to cut it all off. She usually goes to school in a ponytail while all the other girls have cute braids and bows in their hair. Luckily, she doesn’t seem to care at all.

  • Well, I’ll weigh in since I have boy/girl twins. I think it, ultimately depends on the personality of the kids, not the gender. Now, that said, my girl is MUCH more, ahem, trying than my boy, but they were also “born on the cusp…in the month of November”…that is for Stephenie…and I am certain that Alya is a Scorpio and Ben is a Sagittarius, which could explain why she is a such a firecracker to deal with and he is just easy going and eager to please. So, on that note, I say consider the sun sign before the “parts” 🙂 My hubby thinks astrology is hokey, so he’d probably just say girls are harder than boys.

  • I have one of each, and they are each difficult/easy/laid-back/high-strung in their own ways. My mom has three boys and two girls, and has been involved with the raising of many more children of both genders, and her words of wisdom on this issue are, “Every child is different!” My oldest sister has three girls, and they are as different as day and night and . . . um, another day? For that matter, so were my own sisters and I. My brothers are also completely different. Lots of people tell me my son is a “typical boy,” but I’m sure they would say that about each of my brothers, too. I’ve come to the conclusion that my mom is right – there is no “typical!”

  • I have one of each and they are a little less than 11 months apart… They both present a list of challenges and a list of wonderfulness! I find that my daughter is a rule follower and easier to deal with on a daily basis but definetly has some serious girl attitude. My son gets into more mischievous situations but is very loving and cuddly! We will see about the third, although I find myself pulling for a another boy. ( we are due 9-16 but waiting to find out)

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