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Best of Rocket City Mom 2011

Best of Rocket City Mom 2011

The past year has been quite a ride for this little website. From the first post of 2011 until now, we’ve had more than 22,000 unique visitors and almost 150,000 page views! That’s kind of unbelievable to me but it’s also deeply gratifying after spending so much time working on something I genuinely thought few people would read.

Since we’re kind of like an official site now, I thought I would do what all official sites do and create a BEST OF list for the year. Below are the 10 most read, shared and or commented on articles from our site in 2011. You’ll notice that many of these came from our wonderful contributors without whom, this site would not exist. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and letting us share ours. I look forward to an even more exciting year in 2012!

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  1. Spicing Up First Day of School Photos

    Kim Holmes (aka Miss Zoot) is a local mom, famous blogger and all around super cool woman. She also wrote the most popular RCM article of the year and it’s easy to see why. These are some great tips on how to create lasting and unique memories of your child’s first day of school. Of course, all the pins on Pinterest didn’t hurt its popularity either.

  2. Fundraising Should Be Fun For Everyone

    Rhonda Brewster is not a regular contributor to our site but she is an ardent supporter and reader. She also understands what the site is all about (e.g. Local Parents Sharing Information and Help With Other Local Parents). When she had an issue that she thought other local moms would like to know about, she asked to write something and I was happy to publish it. While controversy certainly played a part in the number of pageviews and comments this article received, ultimately it served its purpose and got the message out.

  3. Why I’m Considering Private School

    Education was a major issue in Huntsville in 2011 and 2012 is shaping up to continue that tradition. Sarah Lena and I started a back and forth on Tuesdays entitled “Huntsville’s Hot Mess” and several other local parents joined in. I wrote this article about my family’s debate of public vs. private and it seemed to strike a nerve.

  4. Pregnancy Is Not An Illness

    The title kind of says it all and while it seems like a pretty obvious statement, in our country it really isn’t so obvious. The article lays out information about what’s available in our state and what isn’t and what you can do about it.

  5. Coupons: My Personal Mutiny

    It’s not that I have anything against those who choose to coupon, it’s just not my thing. I started to feel like I was a bad SAHM because I wasn’t willing to coupon so I shared my reasons for NOT COUPONING. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.

  6. Inside Consignment

    Another great contribution, this one from a neighbor and friend. When I first met Karen, she shared with me an email she had prepared and frequently sent to friends about consigning in Huntsville. As soon as I saw it, I knew she needed to turn it into an article we could put on the site. Luckily, she agreed. Great info and some really great tips!

  7. Organizationally Challenged? You Can Coupon

    Laurie Hise (aka The Passionate Pennypincher) certainly doesn’t agree with me on my coupon mutiny but I’m all about sharing different perspectives. I’ve since met her in person and had the chance to work with her and you’ll never meet a nicer person. Plus, she knows a thing or two about couponing.

  8. Pinterest: Our Latest Obsession

    Katie Davis Skelley is a relatively new contributor to RCM but she hit the ball out of the park with this tribute to Pinterest. Her funny and insightful articles always make me laugh and apparently, I’m not the only one.

  9. Please Don’t Make Me Cry

    This second article from Kim came in response to my article on our family discussions about private and public school. Kim’s impassioned plea to respect every parent’s educational decisions and try and be thoughtful about the way we discuss the subject is a great example of why she’s such a popular blogger.

  10. Georgia City Outlaws Breastfeeding

    Theresa Wessels speaks her mind and her writing style is a true reflection of that. Along with some spectacular Facebook comments this year, she wrote this article about an idiotic new ordinance in Forest Park, GA, that outlaws breastfeeding a child older than two years of age in public. She’s hopping mad about it and so were a lot of others. Fight the Power!



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  • Thank you! I look forward to collaborating with RCM in 2011–this has been a great experience. 😀 Happy New Year!

  • Great job Jennifer! Congrats on a fantastic 2011 … can’t wait to see what 2012 brings for Rocket City Mom 🙂

  • Oops – I forgot to mention that I also think your Kids Eat Free directory is a great resource … even if it didn’t make the list!

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