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Holiday Crafts

Holiday Crafts

The countdown is on. Only three days until my little one is home all day every day for more than two weeks. I’m guessing I’m not the only one thinking about how to get all the baking, wrapping, cleaning and cooking done with a rugrat under foot. My secret weapon? Pinterest!

One thing I love about this blog is that I have a great excuse to spend time on my new favorite site and I can call it “research”. Here’s just a few activities and crafts I’ve found that will help occupy your newest daytime companions.



This looks so super easy and fun. It’s kind of like the easiest gingerbread house ever!



This definitely takes more coordination and effort than the previous craft but it’s so adorable! I suggest doing a “sample” of this for younger children and let them experiment. You might end up with some funky looking reindeer but it will ALWAYS be cute.



This is an easy and great project for school-aged children. Have them make a list of their favorite memories from the past year, condense into one or two word phrases and then transfer to a colored globe to hang on the tree. Simple, easy and meaningful.



A holiday and kid classic. This would be an awesome gift to give to family members. Anything that involves creating something out of handprints is sure to please grandmas and grandpas worldwide.


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  • LOVE Pinterest. SO many ideas. Just finished printing off a bunch of recipes I’ll be making while I’m home … More ideas than time, I’m afraid!

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