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  • As of April 2022, Kids Space is closed due to renovations.
Kids Space playground features large castle-like wooden structures with plenty of shade for kids.
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Update: This park is currently under construction. Read all about the new Kids Space coming soon!

Featuring tall castle-like structures and surrounded by large older trees, Kids Space offers a fun shaded area for kids to play. The wood structure features a variety of slides, climbing areas and more for kids to explore and even has areas suitable for both younger and older children.

Location: 2010 Airport Road

Amenities: Bathrooms, lots of shade and a good mix of play equipment for toddlers and older children. Plenty of benches and picnic tables (in sun and shade).

Mom’s Thoughts: Like Kids’ Kingdom in Dublin Park in Madison, this is Huntsville’s largest and arguably nicest play space. I had so many parents tell me about it and ask that I review it that I finally went to check it out despite the fact that it is on the completely opposite side of town. I’m glad I listened because this is a great place to know about even if you don’t live nearby. In the future, I’ll go out of my way to come back largely because I have a toddler and, unlike Dublin, there is as much here for toddlers as for the bigger kids.

Toddler Sized Fun Makes This Park A Must Visit

The area and equipment could use some refurbishing but that doesn’t take away from the bonuses the site offers. There are covered and uncovered slides here. Plenty of shade from the sun with benches and picnic tables scattered throughout. There is also a really nice mix of equipment with pieces I’ve not seen at the standard parks which is wonderful for people with older children. They won’t be bored here.

Shade Is A Godsend in Alabama

Details About Kids Space

Address: 2010 Airport Road SW. Huntsville, AL 35801 (Map)

Hours: One hour before dawn until one hour after sunset

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This review was initially posted in June 2011 and has been updated with the most current information. 

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