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Leaf Rubbings Display Craft

Leaf Rubbings Display Craft

Autumn leaves are falling everywhere, and my children love to collect their favorites to show me all their different shapes and colors. Take a nature walk with your little ones (or just venture into the back yard) to collect assorted leaves and sticks, then bring your treasures inside to make this fun, easy craft that honors the wonder that fall brings!


What You Need
  • Construction paper in fall colors (we used yellow, orange and red)
  • Crayons in fall colors, unwrapped from their labels (we used yellow, orange, red, green and brown)
  • Leaves and sticks, collected from outside
  • A bottle, jar or small vase (Note: A bottle or jar with a smaller opening will do a better job of holding up your sticks!)
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
How to Make It
    1. Place a leaf underneath a sheet of construction paper and let your child use a crayon to rub over it, using an unwrapped crayon laid flat against the paper. Repeat until you have filled 2 or 3 sheets of paper.

Rubbings leaf craft

    1. Use scissors to cut out each leaf shape around the rubbings. (Younger children may need help with this step, while older children can likely do it themselves!)
    2. Arrange your collected sticks in a bottle, jar or small vase, breaking them off to a height you like. (We used an old bottle that we decorated by wrapping it with a piece of scrapbook paper and a short length of rickrack.)


    1. Tape the leaves onto the sticks, placing some at the ends of the sticks, and others along the sides. (Tip: Making sure you face the crayon-rubbed fronts forward will make for the best display!)


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