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New & Unique Summer Camps

New & Unique Summer Camps

Summer is right around the corner and local parents are busy planning their kids’ summer fun. There are over 100 camps to choose from in Huntsville and Madison County – Arts, Eduction, Overnight, Sports – the list is huge, and you can find them all in our annual Summer Camp Guide.

But there are a few camps that caught our eye this year because they were new, super cool, or… well, different.

Gross Out Camp


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Gross Out CampWith two dates & locations this year, there is double the opportunity for your kids to revel in some seriously gross fun. At the Montessori School of Huntsville, kids will enjoy over 10 acres of certified wildlife habitat. They will explore the wetland and woods behind the school searching for macro-invertebrates, wildlife and native plants. In the classroom, they will conduct experiments like making slime and lava lamps. Give your child this 40 hours of hands-on science to get them ahead of the class!

Bang a Drum

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huntsville drumlineDitch the pots & pans – this 5-day evening camp is just what your little drummer boy or girl needs. For kids in 1st-9th grade, it provides basic instruction for beginning and intermediate drummers. Kids also get a shirt and drum sticks included in the camp at the very affordable price of $45.

Youth Screen Printing Studio

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Green Pea Press CampJoin Rachel and the good people at Green Pea for a week full of fun for kids in the printmaking arts. Each day, students ages 8-12 will complete a project in a new medium: book binding, monotype, screen printing, and more! Kids will learn how the letterpress works and might even get to work it themselves!

Drama Queen Summer Camp

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Lowry House
Are you looking for a cool summer camp where your child can learn about history, creative writing, play an instrument, and most importantly, have a GREAT TIME? Kids ages 9-12 can do just that in one of Huntsville’s most historic homes this summer. Both drama queens and percussion kings welcome!

Fiddle Fun

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violinThe Huntsville Symphony Orchestra and Burritt team up to present this camp to kids K-5 for another year. The songs of Stephen Foster will be heard floating down Monte Sano, and it’s sure to be a toe tapping good time! Violin rental available and beginners welcome.

Cook Up Some Cool Dishes

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budding chef cooking campGive a kid a fish and he eats for a day. Teach the kid to cook the fish and their future spouse will love you, PLUS you get the occasional night off in the kitchen! This new camp from Huntsville’s award-winning Chef Merle offers culinary instruction for kids ages 8-12. There are two camps to choose from: Cooking Around the World or Four Course Meals, both taught in a commercial kitchen at The Eaves.

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