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Get Your Internet Groove On

Get Your Internet Groove On

Like Andy said yesterday, music is a powerful thing. It can set a mood, inspire, entertain, and ingrain itself in memory. Personally, it makes me burn more calories on the elliptical machine at the gym as well. This week, our favorite links are all musically inspired videos we thought you might like – some are old, some brand-new, but all are worthy of a view.

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  1. Symphony of Science Remixes PBS

    Mr. Rogers was a big part of my childhood, and he’s been given a touching new tribute by Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell. When I first saw “Garden of Your Mind” it made my breath catch in my chest, and I was delighted to see a new video released this week remixing the iconic Bob Ross and his happy little clouds.

  2. Gaga Meets Women’s Rights

    This version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” is well sung, danced, and produced by Sooma Publishing, initially to use as a teaching resource for history teachers and political science professors across the US. It went viral and the rest is history (pun intended!) “Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage” is a parody music video paying homage to Alice Paul and the generations of brave women who joined together in the fight to pass the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote in 1920.

  3. Farm It Maybe

    When a couple of brothers who were part of a family farm decided to start vlogging, Lil Fred became the natural star. His revision of “Call Me Maybe” depicts the farm life as only a nine year old can: “Hey, I just milked you – this cow is crazy. But here’s her udder, so milk her maybe?”

  4. Parenting an Olympian

    Hopefully you tuned into London’s Olympic Games Opening Ceremony with your family last night, and got to see Team USA and the breathtaking show. A great album of Olympic athletes hugging their parents throughout history is enough to bring tears to our eyes, but the P&G commercial below will make it hard to shut the waterworks off. Not everyone gets to watch their offspring win a gold medal, but all of us know how it feels to be working the minutiae every day to provide opportunities for our children.

  5. The Muppets Do the Beastie Boys

    As one video commenter stated, “This is why the Internet was invented.” Grover leads the Sesame Street gang in a version of “Sure Shot” by the Beastie Boys. Get ready to click replay again and again if you have little ones in the house.



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