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Weekend Internet Goodness

Weekend Internet Goodness

This week’s favorite Internet gems is another random list of things that made us think, made us laugh, and made our lives easier. There’s apps and affirmations, posts we love, and videos we can’t get enough of. Click the orange titles to see more about each item.

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  1. Little Blue Charger

    If you travel a lot, or have ever spent a few days away from your baby, this post could bring you to your knees. Recently several thousand bloggers left their families behind for the weekend to attend the annual BlogHer conference in NYC. This is one mom’s account of the time spent away from home and the unexpected reaction when she finds a stowaway momento from home.

  2. An Open Letter To Students Returning to School

    In which John Green (author and all-around awesome human being) gives advice to students returning to school for summer break, discusses the reasons public education exists, and celebrates the landing of the Mars rover Curiosity, among many great things that have happened to humans since we began to invest in public education. All students should watch this, especially those headed into middle and high school.

  3. Best Apps For Kids

    Parenting magazine recently put together a great list of smartphone apps for kids. If yours are getting stale or if you’re new to the world of kid-apps, perusing this list is a good idea. We discovered Mad Libs and Jelly Car are our new favorites.

  4. Dinner Spinner

    Speaking of apps, this one is my newest toy, and I discovered it just in time for weeknight dinner struggles when school starts back. It’s free, and you can search recipes by dietary needs, ingredients you have on hand, and by dish type. There’s also a grocery scanner you can use to make a list on your phone, and refer back to it when you find recipes you make often. Parmesan Basil Orzo, here I come!

  5. Jessica’s Daily Affirmation

    We leave you with an oldie but goodie, especially if you’ve never seen it before. Jessica is all grown up now, but her pep talk will continue to brighten viewer’s days for a long, long time.



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