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Saving the Planet One Song at a Time

Saving the Planet One Song at a Time

If you attended Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Green U this year (or last) then you likely already know who Steve Trash is. He’s that bearded guy floating in the photo at the top of this article and he’s made quite a name for himself over the last 20+ years as an eco-magician performing all over the world including appearances at the world famous MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, California, and on READING RAINBOW. He was the featured green entertainment at the 2011 KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL – Great American Cleanup” national kickoff in Times Square and still tours approximately 200 days a year. Quite the achievement for someone from tiny little Frog Pond, AL.

trashtunes_CDcoverNot happy to rest on his magical laurels, Steve was inspired to create eco-music after observing his friend Kelvin Holly recording at the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. The two spent the next couple of years working together when they weren’t busy on their respective tours and put together an album of “green songs” that both kids and their parents will enjoy.

My family was treated to an advanced copy of The Trash Tunes which officially dropped October 1st and we’ve been listening in the mini-van for the last couple of weeks. At only 15-months, my littlest had nothing to add to this review but my 5-year-old made sure to recommend track 4 – “The Ballad of Ed and Able” (the Recycle Brothers) and I agree. It’s a tune reminiscent of REM circa 1990 and the lyrics about what is recyclABLE versus what is recyclED really stick in your head.

This album combines quality rock and roll music with lyrics that teach responsible care of the earth and its resources. I encourage anyone considering this purchase take a listen to the sample cuts and watch the YouTube video below. This is not typical kiddie fare`a la Raffi but that means it will appeal to the harder to please 5-12 year-old audience and they’ll be more likely to understand the lyrics and themes like stewardship of our planet.

Gift Idea

The entire time I was listening to the album I kept thinking it would make a great gift for any educator that wants to add something unique to their ecology curriculum. Having trouble getting your child (or student) to remember to take out the recycling? We all know music is the key to memory! Buy the CD or purchase on iTunes.

The Green Houdini – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO by Steve Trash and Kelvin Holly from Steve Trash on Vimeo.


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