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Seven Reasons Your Family Should Join the Land Trust

Seven Reasons Your Family Should Join the Land Trust

Two sisters make memories splashing in the water during the visit the Land Trust.
A family enjoys a picnic after a day of fishing at the Land Trust.
Two sisters make memories splashing in the water during the visit the Land Trust.
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A family enjoys a picnic after a day of fishing at the Land Trust.

Dedicated to the preservation of natural land, water resources, and wildlife habitats in ten counties, The Land Trust of North Alabama also offers exciting opportunities to families that love the outdoors. Here’s seven great reasons to consider joining the Land Trust today!

  1. Waterfalls– There’s nothing more motivating than a beautiful waterfall waiting for you at the end of a hike. Land Trust of North Alabama’s trails feature cascades of all sizes and hikes of varying difficulty to get there. Take a picnic so you can sit and rest while you enjoy the view and maybe even catch a misty breeze. Land Trust members get exclusive access to the Land Trust map app so you can easily navigate to your natural destination.
  2. Splash & Play – In the heat of the summer, creeks, streams, and ponds offer the perfect spaces to get your feet wet, cool off, and splash around.
    Two brothers enjoy time together as they fish at the Land Trust.
    Brothers enjoy fishing at Harvest Square Nature Preserve.
  3. Spot Wildlife – Animals can be elusive but if you keep your eyes and ears open you may spot a deer rustling through the trees or a crawfish scooting across the muddy creek bottom. These glimpses are a reminder of the fascinating creatures who call these spaces home not too far from your own.
  4. Stop and Smell the Flowers – The delicate, colorful blooms of wildflowers make for a memorable walk in the woods, particularly in springtime. As you walk, slow down and inspect each variety (but leave them where you found them for others to enjoy).
  5. Hunt for Natural Treasures – Children are pros at noticing all the tiny details or reminding us how miraculous the mundane can truly be. Follow a trail and see what you discover – acorn caps, mushrooms, an ant carrying along a leaf 10 times his size, a frog hopping in the leaves.
  6. Breathe – Fresh air can change your attitude in no time. Family outings take some work, but the physical and mental benefits of getting outside are undeniable. And escaping to the trails means you can enjoy each other’s company far from the blue glow of a screen. Land Trust members receive invitations to members-only events, including outings to properties not currently open to the public.
    A family enjoys a picnic after a day of fishing at the Land Trust.
    A family enjoys a snack at Harvest Square Nature Preserve.
  7. Explore Nature’s Classroom – Spending time in nature presents unlimited opportunities to see or learn something new. Discover on your own or join the Land Trust for an outdoor education program, including guided hikes (all ages), Forest Friends (18mo-5yrs), or Tuesdays on the Trail (6-12 years). Land Trust members enjoy priority registration for Land Trust events and exclusive access to Tuesdays on the Trail. Becoming a member means never getting waitlisted for our popular programs for kids!

Land Trust of North Alabama’s 8 public nature preserves offer unlimited opportunities to soak up all the benefits nature provides and miles to run before bedtime. Contributing as a Land Trust member makes them all possible. Become a member and download trail maps to plan your next adventure at

Learn More About Land Trust of North Alabama

Land Trust of North Alabama is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving natural lands, water resources, and wildlife habitat in ten counties of North Alabama. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy outdoor adventure on 70+ miles of free public trails on eight public nature preserves. The largest of these, Monte Sano Nature Preserve, is one of the largest urban nature preserves in the US and located only two miles from Huntsville City Hall. The Land Trust provides environmental education programs and guided hikes to encourage future stewards and connect people with nature.

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Membership Levels:

  • $35 – Hiker
  • $50 -Trailblazer
  • $100 – Pathfinder
  • $250 – Explorer
  • $500 – Conservationist
  • $1,000 – Forester

All members enjoy a variety of benefits per household. To learn more about membership benefits and to join today, visit here.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Melanie Manson is the Marketing Director of the Land Trust of North Alabama, and would love to see more local families become members!


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