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Disc Golf Courses in Huntsville That Kids Can Play

Disc Golf Courses in Huntsville That Kids Can Play

Trying to find fun things to do outdoors with kids can be a bit tricky when they get older. After about the age of nine or ten it can be difficult for parents to compete with friends and Minecraft and extracurriculars.

That’s where disc golf comes in! It’s fun, played outside, great light exercise, and provides the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with older kids, one-on-one or with a group. Of course, younger kids can play too – adjustments can be made for the number of “holes” you play with shorter attention spans.

How to Get Started

You can buy a starter kit of frisbee discs for as little as $10 at any sporting goods store, and a great tutorial that will answer all your questions about the basics of the game can be found on the PDGA website. Another perk of playing disc golf – there are no greens fees like in regular golf. No tee times either. Just a relaxed, inexpensive game families can play together.

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Parent Pro-Tips for Playing with Kids

  • Study the course maps before you go – it helps show you where to park, where the first hole is located, and where the bathrooms are (if any).
  • Play in the mornings – it’s less crowded and hot. Don’t forget the bug spray and sunscreen!
  • If you’re on a course with lots of roughs, wear long pants. Stomping through tall grass looking for a rogue disc can get hairy.
  • Start out with courses you can practice putting a lot on or with an abbreviated 9-hole course. As kids progress and get better at throwing and aiming the frisbee, work your way up to longer courses.
  • Don’t be afraid to let others play through – it’s good disc golf etiquette and keeps you from holding up the game if you need some extra time on a hole.
  • Losing a disc is bound to happen. Don’t get upset! Buy brightly colored discs to help locate them when your kiddo gets a little too enthusiastic.

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Huntsville’s Disc Golf Courses

Did you know Huntsville is home to some awesome disc golf courses? We listed some favorited below, in order of difficulty level.

Calhoun Huntsville Campus
Address: 102 Wynn Dr NW, Huntsville, AL, 35805 (map)
Great course for beginners.  This is a short course with 6 holes, most are in the open and easily accessible. Course review

Southside Park
Address: 16159* Chaney Thompson Road, Huntsville, AL 35803 (map)
Geared toward beginners, this is a shorter, 18-hole course.  The course is varied in terrain providing a range of shots. Course review
*Also listed as 15935 Chaney Thompson Road, Huntsville AL 35803

Stavemill Park
Address: 786 Seina Vista Dr Madison, AL 35758 (map)
New players will enjoy this 5-hole course, both shots and terrain are easy. Course review

Dublin Park, Madison
Address: 8324 Madison Pike, Madison (map)
Designed for beginners – easily played with a midrange and a putter. A great starter course for kids! Follow park road around to the 1st tee on the north side of the playground. Course review

Ken Johnston Park
Address: 1100 Mountain Gap Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35803 (map)
This open course is a good choice for beginners. The 9 holes are a quick play and glow lights are installed to allow for night play until the park closes. Course review

Greenbrier Woods
Address: 6 Green Creek Rd Madison, AL 35756 (map)
This course is rated as a quick 6-hole course. It appears to not have a consistent caretaker and therefore experiences can vary depending on whether it’s been recently maintained or not. May be best for an introduction to the sport or as a practice course. Course review

Journey Church
Address: 9640 Meridian St N Huntsville, AL 35810 (map)
This course is considered family-friendly and great for a group of varying skill levels.  This course it on the longer side, making the shots a little harder on beginners. Course review

Chapman Pines
Address: 1263 Hwy 72 E Huntsville, AL 35811 (map)
This course may be best for older kids and non-beginners.  The reviews are mixed and can be hard to find. Overall it’s 18 holes crowded into a small space and the shots are considered basic. Course review

Drake Springs Course
Address: 2213 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville (map)
Short 9 hole par 3 course that plays beside and over the Brahan Springs Pond. Mildly challenging and can unplayable in wet conditions. Course review

Sharon Johnston Park
Address: 783 Coleman Rd, New Market, AL 35761 (map)
As one of the most hyped courses in our area, the course is great for all skill levels but geared toward moderate and advanced skill levels.  The course is mostly flat and wooded. Course review

New Hope City Park
Address: City Park Road New Hope, AL 35760 (map)
The course is well put together and maintained.  It may frustrate a very new player or advanced player due to the length and layout of the 18 holes. Course review

Asbury UMC
Address: 980 Hughes Road Madison, AL 35758 (map)
This moderate to difficult course with 9 holes.  This is one of the more professional courses in Madison County. Course review

See Also
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Redstone Arsenal
Address: At the intersection of Aerobee & Vincent Dr. Huntsville, AL 35808 (map)
The course is best for mid-level to advanced players.  21 holes are located on flat and wooded terrain. Course review

Brahan Spring Park Course
Address: 3251-3699 Ivy Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805 (map)
Fairways weave among tall pines, demanding accuracy. Front and back 9 end at parking lot. Restrooms across road from #6. Course review

UAH Campus Course
Address: 301 Sparkman Dr NW, Huntsville (map)
A very difficult links type course requiring a variety of throws. Open, long beautiful vistas, wooded shots, lots of water hazards and OB. Course review

Monte Sano Park Course
Address: 5105 Nolen Ave SE, Huntsville (map)
Very tightly wooded, technical course located in thick forest with creeks, slight elevation changes, and long tunnel shots coming into play. Course review

Mastin Lake Course
Address: 3315 Watson Dr NW, Huntsville (map)
Wooded course moving up and down the side of a hill. Very challenging. Course review

Indian Creek Greenway, Madison
Address: 360 Harvestwood Ct, Madison (map)
Very challenging – on 50 acres of diverse terrain. Four holes have water hazards and over half the holes have some OB (out of bounds) danger. Course review

Some courses have been left off as reviews do not suggest that they are family friendly.

We want to know where you like to play disc golf with kids – leave us a comment!

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This article was originally published in 2016 and has been updated with current info. 


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