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This is Your Sign to Have a Scarecrow Day

This is Your Sign to Have a Scarecrow Day

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The Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Scarecrow Trail is one of my favorite Fall traditions each year and one of the reasons my family decided to become Garden members! It was one of the first dates that my husband and I went on early in our relationship and something we’ve enjoyed in the years since too. Now that our son is here, we’re revamping the Fall tradition and having a full out Scarecrow Day!

What’s a Scarecrow Day?

Repetition is a powerful tool in early childhood development – think color days in preschool and kindergarten or stories with repeating phrases. Scarecrow Day is the same idea: essentially a field trip, storytime, and craft all rolled in one and focused around the seasonal trail at the Huntsville Botanical Garden. It’s also a great photo opportunity!

The pumpkins, mums, and hay bales throughout the Garden make the perfect fall backdrop for photos.

Scarecrow Storytime

We love Julia Donaldson books for her clever use of phonics, rhyming, and repetition! The Scarecrows’ Wedding was our story of choice, but any scarecrow-centered book will do! You can find a virtual reading of it above or check out one of these scarecrow books from the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library.

Crafts & Snacks

At only four months old, Oliver obviously isn’t particularly interested in crafts, but I still thought it would be fun to make one for a special keepsake. Especially since we plan on having this as a Fall tradition each year!

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With his age, we opted for a simple footprint scarecrow on a white sheet of cardstock. We plan on adding a picture beside the craft too and keeping it in his baby book. You can find instructions for the craft here. There’s also lots of other simple and fun scarecrow crafts that are perfect for all different ages.

For our craft time we found a quiet place to spread a picnic blanket in the grass and used the supplies that we brought in with us. This is also a great opportunity to enjoy a picnic too. Oliver is still too young for food, but these graham crackers and pudding packs would make the perfect scarecrow snacks!

Beige paint covers a baby's foots as part of a craft.
A painted footprint can be used to make a simple scarecrow craft.

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