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5 Reasons to Be a Member: Huntsville Botanical Garden


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5 Reasons to Be a Member: Huntsville Botanical Garden

We think Huntsville is a great place to raise children and the many family-friendly, kid-centric museums and attractions provide plenty of opportunities to keep those kids busy. For locals, purchasing a membership is a great way to save money (most family memberships pay for themselves in two visits) and support these wonderful non-profits at the same time. In our newest series 5 Reasons to Be a Member we’ll highlight what we consider to be the biggest draws for each of these attractions and why we think “membership really does have its privileges.”

Thanks to a mutual friend in North Carolina, Susan G. was one of the first friends I made in Huntsville and the Huntsville Botanical Garden was one of the first places she took me. I knew after the first visit that this garden was going to be one of my favorite things about Huntsville and five years later, it still is. I’ve named five reasons here but I could have named 20. It’s simply one of the VERY BEST things about Huntsville and well worth the $80 family membership fee.

5 AWESOME Reasons to Join the Huntsville Botanical Garden

1. Party at the Children’s Garden.

Whether it’s a Bunny Bonanza, a garden party, a Halloween Bash, a Giant Play Day or just a Wacky Wednesday, the seasonal parties at the Garden are a great reason to buy a membership and plan frequent visits. Kids will love the activities & classes just for them, and parents will love the photo ops. BONUS: The Children’s Garden area is enclosed, making it hard for little Houdini’s to escape.

2. Hammocks.

Your kids aren’t the only ones who will love hanging out at the garden. These hammocks make for some lovely sky gazing and there are plenty so you won’t have to share.

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3. Animal friends.

Spotting a stray turtle is just one of the many simple pleasures your child will enjoy from every trip to HSVBG. Depending on the seasons, there are all kinds of animals that might be spotted. In just the Nature Center alone there are both box and sliding turtles as well as a bee hive you can view up close, tadpoles, frogs, button quail, and of course thousands of native butterflies in the nation’s largest open-aired butterfly house. New for 2021: Tweetsville

4. A few minutes of peace.


There are numerous places for your kids to run around, and lots to do at The Garden but a favorite activity for our families is to take the time to sit still and soak up the sights and sounds all around us. It’s by far the best place to stop and smell the roses.

5. Nature never looked so good.


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For all the family-friendly fun there is to be had at the Huntsville Botanical Garden, it can be easy to forget that first and foremost this is a botanical garden and it’s easily one of the most beautiful spots in the Tennessee Valley. Every year HBG brings a new feature or traveling exhibit that kids will love – tree houses, LEGOS, kinetic sculptures, whimsical story-themed structures… be sure to check what’s coming next!


Do you have a favorite reason to be a member that we missed? Leave your reason(s) in our comments below. Have we convinced you to become a Huntsville Botanical Garden member? Click here for details on membership benefits and various membership options and make sure you tag us when you share a photo on Facebook!

This post was originally published in 2014 and has been updated with current information. 


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