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Wanted: Moms Who Need Flexible Hours

Wanted: Moms Who Need Flexible Hours

  • Looking for a mom-centric side hustle?
  • Need a flexible schedule while kids are in school?
  • This could be the opportunity for you!
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There’s one question we see asked over and over again in the parenting forums we frequent – “Where can I find a part-time job with flexible hours while my kid is at school?” Those positions are pretty tough to find, especially with employers that understand the hectic schedule that moms have to juggle. But one Huntsville firm is going out of their way to find parents that are looking for that kind of working environment. LeCroy CPA Group is not only mom-owned and operated, they’re also fully staffed by – you guessed it – MOMS.

LeCroy CPA Group Wants YOU

Gail LeCroy has worked in public accounting for over 30 years and is a long time mompreneur. She’s no stranger to raising kids and managing hectic schedules, and has a real heart for community service. Gail is a member of the Madison Rotary Club, former chairman and current member of the Huntsville Salvation Army Advisory Board, founder and co-chairman of SS4Kids, a group that provides school supplies to hundreds of needy area children, a past Lincoln Village Ambassador, a member of Kingdom Advisors, and a member of Asbury Methodist Church.

But this isn’t a job interview for Gail. In fact, she’s the one looking for a few good moms to join her team.

The perfect job for parents!

When I asked Gail what the ideal candidate for LeCroy CPA Group looked like, she knew exactly what she needed. This is the perfect job for someone who:

  • Took a break from their CPA job to raise a family
  • Wants to make some “fun” money or is planning a vacation
  • Is saving for their child’s college fund
  • Has past experience working with tax returns
  • Needs flexible hours year-round
  • Wants to work during school hours and be home the rest of the time
  • Wants summers off
  • Can work 20-40 hours during Tax Season
  • Is a team player and well-organized
  • Can work with a deadline and is task-oriented
  • Enjoys working with the same clients year after year
  • Can occasionally work remotely
  • Might already have a part-time job but wants extra money after hours or on weekends

The best part about joining the LeCroy Group? Stability. If one thing is certain, it’s death and taxes – you can for sure count on this side hustle at least every February through April. It’s the epitome of essential, and is one of the most in-demand freelance jobs for SAHPs out there.

If you check those boxes above and want to flex your mind muscles with a great new job, or just need a weekend gig to help pay the bills (or get out of the house!) the LeCroy Group wants you to get in touch. So dust off your old CPA resume – Gail isn’t worried about that gap in your work history!

Contact the LeCroy CPA Group

Office Location: 303 Williams Ave SW, Suite 911, Huntsville, AL (map)
Phone: 256-532-3990
Want to apply? Email Gail at Hiring will take place in January and training starts in February.


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