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Summer Activities for Kids at the Space & Rocket Center

Summer Activities for Kids at the Space & Rocket Center

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This summer, beat the heat and head to the place that gives Huntsville it’s Rocket City nickname – the U.S. Space & Rocket Center! There’s always something fun and new going on that makes it an excellent place to visit over and over again, and this summer is no exception. Here are the things on our Must List for kids!

Summer Fun for Kids at the Space & Rocket Center

New Exhibits!

Because they bring in new and exciting exhibits all the time, there’s always something different to see at the USSRC.

Drones: Is the Sky the Limit? – This exhibit opens May 25, and explores the modern phenomenon of drones, their uses throughout history, and the exciting possibilities of the future role that drones will play in our society. The exhibition also includes a drone racing video interactive kids will love, and provides a birds-eye view of the aeronautics, engineering, science, technologies and innovations of one of the most intriguing topics dominating our current culture.

PSSSSST! Word on the street is there will be another new exhibit coming to the Space & Rocket Center soon that we know kids will really enjoy. When that’s official we’ll be sure to add it here!

New Hands-On Kid’s Activities

A new series of outdoor programs just for kids will be every weekend at the USSRC. Summer STEAM In the Park activities are every Saturday & Sunday and are included with museum admission. Each month features a different theme & activity!

  • May – Astronomy: Solar Sunspot Telescope Viewing and Nebula Spin Art
    Learn how nebulas, gigantic clouds of gas and dust in space, are formed and create your own colorful model nebula using paint and a spinner. Because of the unique quantities and locations of the materials and the forces that spread them, each model nebula will be unique — just like each real nebula! You’ll also get to view our star, the Sun, through special solar telescopes to check for active sunspot activity (weather dependent).
  • June – Engineering: Earthquake Design
    What causes earthquakes? Learn about the causes and destructive forces behind earthquakes and test your own balsa wood structure to see how strong it is with a tabletop earthquake simulator.
  • July – Aeronautics: Air Rocket Design
    See Newton’s Third Law of Motion in action as you build and test your own air-powered rocket. You will walk away with a greater appreciation of basics of rocket construction and the forces that influence the launch and flight of a rocket.
  • August – Aerodynamics: Four Forces of Flight
    Build and test a balsawood airplane and see how the four forces of flight – lift, thrust, drag and weight – influence the design of aircraft and the flight of rockets.

boy swimming in the astronaut training tank at the Space & Rocket Center while using a virtual reality set

Underwater Adventures

Underwater training is key in preparing for space travel, and the Space & Rocket Center has two fun opportunities to get wet and try it out!
Sea TREK is a fully guided underwater walking experience suitable for swimmers and divers of all skill levels, ages 10 and older. Participants wear a specialized diving helmet that enables them to breathe normally and stay dry from the shoulders up. This experience takes place in the heated Underwater Astronaut Trainer.

DIVR+ Virtual Reality Snorkeling
Virtual reality meets the Underwater Astronaut Training tank! DIVR+ is a VR snorkeling system with sensory feedback that provides an unbelievably realistic experience for ages 7 and up.

A State of the Art Planetarium

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Finally, if you haven’t taken your kids to the INTUITIVE Planetarium at the USSRC yet, what are you waiting for??? This immersive digital dome theater definitely has that WOW factor! The planetarium offers the only 8K laser planetarium projection system in the country, providing a cutting-edge level of clarity to the picture and sound. With a variety of shows throughout the day, and special live programs at night, visiting this part of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center needs to be on your Must List.

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This summer, take a staycation and explore the amazing attraction in your home city. Or treat out-of-town visitors to a day at the Space & Rocket Center and see it through their eyes! There is so much going on during the summer months that kids will love, and getting a Family Membership will prove to be worth it and then some if you want to experience it all.

Visit the U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Where: 1 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805 (map)
Admission: FREE for members | Adults $25, Kids 5-12 $17, Kids under 4 are free | Get tickets online
Hours: Check museum hours here
View Website | View Facebook Page

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