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How to Make a Difference with R Fathers MAD

How to Make a Difference with R Fathers MAD

If you are looking for something to do while at the same time giving back to the community and potentially changing kids’ lives, then look no further! R Fathers MAD is a nonprofit organization that works to provide life training and opportunities for at-risk youth. They recently celebrated their 12th year and are looking for volunteers! We spoke with LC Smith, Executive Director, about his organization, their mission and goals, their programs, and volunteer opportunities.

Tell me about R Fathers MAD. What does the name stand for?
Real Fathers Making A Difference, Inc. was established in 2010 as a nonprofit organization. The purpose of the program has been to identify youth and families who are going through challenging phases of their lives and offer positive support in the home and school system.

boy holding up a fish at a pond
Taking the guys fishing a few summers ago.

What is the mission and goals of R Fathers MAD?
R Fathers MAD, Inc. is devoted to impacting the lives of youth by providing leadership and life skills, educational support and mentoring with high expectations of excellent decision-making skills to avoid detrimental high-risk behavior. With particular regards to the youth who may be struggling growing up without fathers or positive male influences along with support for single mothers who seek help while raising their children alone.

The goal is to rekindle youths’ commitment to their education moral and ethical values, build positive self-esteem, and enrich parenting skills that will positively affect their lives.

What are some of the programs do you offer for at-risk youth?
Real Fathers Making A Difference, Inc.’s primary Youth Development program is Building H.I.S. Character – Higher education, Inspire youth and peers, Sustain acceptable behavior. This program focuses on leadership and life skills, career and college readiness and instilling great character while emphasizing the importance of avoiding at-risk behavior by applying positive decision-making skills.

Other programs facilitated by Real Father’s Making A Difference, Inc. are the A. Bolden Enrichment & College Scholarship Fund, Level-Up Math and Reading Literacy, Rise-Up Educational Prevention Program, ACT-Up ACT Prep, Foster Care Support, and The Transition Program which supports young men entering college and the workforce.

young teen boys taking a cooking class in a kitchen
Hosting a cooking skills class for the boys!

Are you looking for volunteers? What opportunities are available and what sort of skills are you looking for in a volunteer?
Volunteers are the “respiratory system” of most, if not all nonprofit organizations. Those who volunteer help to drive the actual work that it takes for organizations to operate effectively enough to reach maximum impact. We have many ways you can volunteer for R Fathers MAD, Inc. where you utilize skills you already have and in some cases don’t even have to leave your home. Plus, there are some options that doesn’t require much of your time.

At R Fathers MAD, Inc. there is always an opportunity for community members to partner with us as volunteers. We acknowledge the value of those who continue to support us as volunteers and we are always appreciative for their effort.

What is a typical day like for a volunteer?
“So, volunteering for this organization is actually my first-time ever doing volunteer work for an organization on this type of level. Being a father myself I had to change my way of thinking when it comes to mentoring the young men that come through the organization. My first instincts was to be a father to the young men. That’s not what they need, a father. They want a father figure. It took me a while to figure that out and make a change within me.

I would never say that we have a typical day. Every day is different to me due to either the topic of discussion or the needs of the young men. Mr. Smith ensures that whatever the topic is we discuss or whatever the needs of the young men are, translates to a life lesson that is taught for their benefit.”
~Linwood Curry, Mentor

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What are some other ways people can help contribute?
We encourage community members to contact us find out the many ways they can contribute to R Fathers MAD, Inc ongoing efforts. We rely on our seed partners’ support both financially and through invested time and network connections to continue the impactful work we are doing.

Get Involved with R Fathers MAD

To apply or for more information, please contact LC Smith at 256-316-1991 or visit Real Fathers Making a Difference, Inc. at

No time to volunteer? You can make a tax-deductible donation!
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