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Love the Planet During Environmental Education Week at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Love the Planet During Environmental Education Week at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

  • Environmental Ed Week is April 19-23
  • Something for all age levels at HBG!
Celebrate Environmental Education Week at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens with fun activities for kids.

The Huntsville Botanical Garden wants to help families show their love for the planet with special Environmental Education Week programming. Taking place April 19-23, Environmental Education Week is the perfect way to celebrate both Earth Day and Arbor Day with the kids.

Environmental Education Week Activities at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

Featuring various virtual activities, the Huntsville Botanical Garden has several fun ways to learn about nature. From crafts, books, movies, worms, and more, there’s sure to be something for all interests and age levels. Best of all, these activities can all take place right in your backyard or can include a visit to the Garden. Huntsville Botanical Garden has also included a fun reading list of books with digital copies or recorded story times available.

Embrace the Magic of a Fairy Garden

Blend the world of science and magic for young explorers with this fun activity! Using leaves and plant materials found in your yard, this one has you crafting a fun shelter for fairies near a tree. As an added bonus, you can teach the little ones about decomposition and how their Fairy Gardens disappear like magic. Find examples and instructions here.

Speak for the Trees with The Lorax

Read the book or watch the movie and get your own creative juices flowing. You can build your own invention using recycled materials, or create your own poster to speak for the trees just like the Lorax. Find additional activities and resources here.

Get Your Hands a Little Dirty

This one is especially great for the littles that like to play in the dirt and dig! Start off your adventure by reading Diary of a Worm and learn more about composting and decomposition. Start your own compost pile or dig deep to learn more about the soil in your yard and the creatures that live there. Find more wormy fun here.

Tell the World About Earth Day

Earth Day happens to coincide with Environmental Education Week! What better way to love the planet than to encourage others to do the same? Create a poster, sign, or sidewalk chalk drawing about Earth Day encouraging others to be better stewards of the planet. Learn about endangered animals and plants, create recycled art, plant something, or even just read a book. Whatever may suit your interest, find resources and activity ideas here.

See Also

Pollution vs. Plants

Learn about the issues that pollution can cause the environment and plants’ role in keeping things safe and clean. Create your own water filter, read The Curious Garden, and watch videos explaining more about how trees clean the air and how we can help plants on their task. Find additional activities and resources here.

More Trees Please

Environmental Education Week can also be a great way to celebrate Arbor Day! Learn about the different types of trees, tree rings, and their role in the environment. You can also enjoy Kate, Who Tamed the Wind and consider planting your own trees! Learn more and find additional resources here.

How Will You Celebrate?

How will you be celebrating Environmental Education Week? View a complete list of activities on the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s website to be inspired.

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