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Operation Green Team Wants You to Do Beautiful Things This Earth Day!


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Operation Green Team Wants You to Do Beautiful Things This Earth Day!

operation green team bird nest

The City of Huntsville is home to some great outdoor spaces, and this is a great time to celebrate them! Operation Green Team is planning some virtual Earth Day activities that are easy for families to enjoy, and a fun way to #DoBeautifulThings together.

Operation Green Team Director, Joy McKee, knows all this togetherness can benefit Mother Nature. “As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year, we have a unique opportunity to see how we are all connected to our one Earth and how the choices we make really do make sure a difference. It’s a great time to fuel the passion in children to be lovers and keepers of the Earth. Traditions you start now can lead to lifelong passion. Teach them how to safely dispose of litter, what goes in the recycle bin, how they can care for nature. What a great time to get outside, plant and watch something grow!”

#DoBeautifulThings with Operation Green Team

Take a Trash Walk

You know all those walks you’ve been going on lately? This is a great time to clean up Mother Nature as a family! Operation Green Team even provides free pickup supplies like trash bags and pickup sticks. Just call ahead at 256-532-5326 to schedule a time to put supplies outside the office for you. The OGT office is located at 3242 Leeman Ferry Road SW in Huntsville and is open from 7am – 4pm Monday through Friday.


Make Some Upcycled Art

This is a fun way to teach kids how to reduce, reuse, and recycle, especially when a trip to the craft store isn’t possible. Cardboard art, nature collages, and other recycled craft ideas are creative AND economical!


Plant Something Native

What plants and flowers are native to your backyard? Why does that even matter? Have fun with your kids finding your area on the map and looking up your favorites. Then make a plan to plant some native plants at your house!


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Make a Scrap Garden

Kitchen scrap gardening is growing new plants from items you would normally toss in the compost heap. Save those potato tops, avocado pits, and old sprouted onions and start a new veggie patch with them.

Learn Something New

You would not believe all the amazing nature documentaries on Disney+ right now. Our favorite recommendation for Earth Day to watch with older kids is The Sea of Hope on Disney’s National Geographic playlist. Younger kids will love any of the Disney Nature films. They are breathtaking!

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