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Parent Review: Vision Zipline Tours in Huntsville

Parent Review: Vision Zipline Tours in Huntsville

  • Located near Ditto Landing in Huntsville, AL.
  • 10 ziplines, the longest reaching 1,100 feet.
  • Family fun outdoors for ages 8 and up!
boy ziplining in a blue sky
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If flying through the sky in a picturesque valley with your family and friends sounds like a good time to you, you’re in luck. Huntsville is home to a fantastic zip lining experience for fans of high outdoor adventure – no more driving to Birmingham or Guntersville to get your zip fix! Recently, I took a group of kids with various zip lining experience to try out the Vision Zipline Tour on a fine Fall day.

Vision Ziplines Makes for an Uplifting Afternoon

Our group had nine kids ranging in age from 11-17. Most had been ziplining at least once before, but there were a few newbies too. We turned off of Hobbs Island Road into The Vision Campus, a private Christian ministry and retreat center tucked into the natural valley and now open to the public for small group tours. There’s also a rustic Lodge and Camp for hosting special events and conferences.

Getting Started & Safety

Vision has TEN zip lines, the longest reaching 1,100 feet. That’s more zip lines than Birmingham or Nashville! You should be prepared to hike between each zip line – wear shoes and clothing appropriate for woods hiking and the weather. Hydration is a must, and in the summer I’d be sure to bring bug spray and sunscreen.

We parked and made a pit stop in the restrooms before we started our orientation at the covered pond-side pier. David, the Director of Activities, and Holly, the Camp Administrator, welcomed our group and led us through the ziplining rules and safety procedures. They detailed how to step off the platform to get started and the right way to come in for a landing. Then it was time to suit up into the harnesses with the help of our friendly guides. This whole orientation process takes about 15 minutes depending on the size of your group.

Getting oriented with our guides David & Holly.

We hiked up a rocky hill to get to the first two beginner zip lines. Both have pretty mild slopes and are perfect to get your zip lining legs going before the longer, steeper zips. Two Vision guides accompanied us, one to demonstrate the line first and help with landings on the other side, and a second to assist each zipper with securely attaching to the line then bringing up the rear.

Our group had to come up with a code word that signaled to the other end of the line – “BANANA!” – when it was clear for the next person to head down the zip line.

Learning how to hook in to the zipline.

Zip lining back and forth across the beautiful valley was great – the sky was a gorgeous blue against the changing trees and all the kids had a blast. It didn’t take long for the first-timers to get the hang of it and the ziplines gradually got longer and higher as you go.

I had a lot of fun! The guides were very nice and made it a personal experience. The more zip lines that I did, the more comfortable I got. – Avery, age 16

Zipping through the trees!

Some Parent Pro-Tips

A little advice if you plan your own Vision Zipline Tour…

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  • Bathrooms are located at the front, and they even have changing tables! Definitely go before you start zipping because it’s a hike to get back to them from the ziplines.
  • Be sure to budget at least 2.5 hours for the tour.
  • There’s a minimum of 2 people required for a tour. You can always call to coordinate your tour with another small group or family if needed. Maximum is 12 people.
  • The general recommended weight for zipping is 80-250 pounds, but there are exceptions. If you have questions about your group’s ability, just call Holly at 256-713-8888 to see if accommodations can be made.
  • If you have family members that want to watch and not zipline, they can do that. But they should be prepared to hike uphill to the first two platforms and watch from the valley for the rest. Younger children not old enough to zipline can enjoy exploring the grounds with another adult, feed the catfish in the pond, or romp on the small playground.
Swinging through the trees.

Other Activities at The Vision

There’s more than just ziplining if you have a group that wants to make a full day of it! Check out the full list of activities for prices and details.
– Playground & Gaga Ball Pit
– Rock Climbing and Obstacle Course Wall
– Ropes Course
– Canoeing
– Archery
– Tomahawk Throwing
– Hiking Trails
– Seasonal Hay Rides, Fishing & Swimming

The Final Verdict: The grounds at Vision are gorgeous and it was wonderful to have something fun and new to do outside without having to drive an hour or two to get there. You also get a lot of bang for your buck – a 2.5 hour tour that includes hiking and TEN ziplines for $50 is way better than most zipline venues I’ve seen. But don’t take my word for it… Two days after our zipline tour, my hard-to-impress 15 year-old randomly blurted, “Ziplining was SO MUCH FUN. I would totally go again.” Enough said.

Vision Zipline Tour Details

Address: 187 Oscar Webster Road, Huntsville, AL 35803 (map)
Phone: 256-713-8888
Cost: $59 for ages 15 and under, $69 for adults for a 2.5 hour session | Book Online
Hours: Book by appointment only | Tours are year-round, weather permitting
View Website | View Facebook Page

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