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Raptor Aerial Adventure Park Brings Fun to New Heights

Raptor Aerial Adventure Park Brings Fun to New Heights

A boy scales a rope bridge during his visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park.
A boy scales a rope bridge during his visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park.
A boy crosses a rope bridge during his visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park.
Sporting an orange helmet and harness for safety, a boy completes a zipline during his visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park.
A Raptor Aerial Adventure Park guest dons a blue helmet during her adventure among the trees. +1
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A boy scales a rope bridge during his visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park.

If your kids love challenges and the outdoors, then the Raptor Aerial Adventure Park in Decatur is a total win!

Our twins recently celebrated their eighth birthdays. We decided we weren’t doing a traditional birthday party this year, but told each kid they could pick two friends to go somewhere outdoors. After a little research, we chose the Raptor Aerial Adventure Park because of its proximity to Madison (only a 30 minute drive), and the we all enjoy unique outdoor activities.

The course consists of six aerial bridges and ends with either a 258-foot zipline or a rope tunnel and 45-foot free fall. The website says the course is not for kids under age 7 and that’s accurate. Kids need to be able to reach the junctions where the safety devices connect and slide to the next bridge. One of my kids is short, so we had a taller child behind her so he could help move her device along the rope junctions. Without his help, she’d have been stuck.

The first of the six bridges isn’t too high, but as they continue, the height increases to about 80 feet above the ground. This is not for someone scared of heights. The bridges are made of rope and sway with the weight and steps of the person walking on it, so be prepared to balance while walking across them. Some of the kids found this difficult at first, but by the end they had it figured out. For many, the hardest part was just getting onto each rope bridge from the designated platform.

At the end of the bridges, a decision must be made, come back down to the ground via zipline or freefall. We encouraged the younger children to choose the zipline, which turned out to be a good choice. My husband and I opted for the 45-foot freefall. It was nuts. The freefall is basically like a very small bungie jump, but the rope is attached to a retractable device that slows the jumper down with about 12 or 15 feet left to drop. The whole experience is quick and nerve-wracking; I’d definitely do it again, but probably wouldn’t send my kids until they’re older.

The whole experience was wonderful, and we’d absolutely do it again. Kids, tween, teens and adults will have fun doing this course and the feeling of triumph upon completion.

The park takes safety very seriously and has a thorough safety briefing before the climbers get started. Harnesses and helmets are checked multiple times, climbers are attached to the course via a secure cantilever, and staff is located on the course and on the ground.

A young girl has her harness properly checked for safety during her visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park.
Each person visiting Raptor Aerial Adventure Park must complete a safety orientation before entering the course.

Raptor Aerial Adventure Park offers day and nighttime climbs. Getting there is an easy drive along 72 north of Decatur and is located within the KOA campground along Wheeler Lake. Check-in is at the camp store and reservations are required. There’s plenty of parking near the beach, and a pavilion with picnic tables is between the rope course and parking lot. Bathrooms are next to the parking lot.

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Plan Your Visit to Raptor Aerial Adventure Park

Rules & Safety
  • Weigh between 44 & 250 lbs.
  • Be at least 7 years old and capable of climbing a ladder or flight of stairs
  • Minors must have supervision by parent or guardian while climbing The Raptor Adventures Rope Course
  • Read and understand all instructions.
  • Participate in a Safety Briefing before entering the course
  • Understand, and accept the risks involved.

Reservations are required! Call 256-280-4390 to make your reservations.
$34.99 ages 7-13 for one round
$42.99 ages 14+ for one round
$10 for extra rounds. Discounts given to groups of 10 or more

Contact Information

Phone: 256-280-4390
Address: 44 County Road 443, Hillsboro, AL 35643 (Map)
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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