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Know Your Vote: Ryan Clark, Madison City Council District 5

Know Your Vote: Ryan Clark, Madison City Council District 5

Ryan Clark

With the goal of keeping local parents (and voters) as informed as possible about all things parent-related, the editors of Rocket City Mom compiled “4 Questions for the Candidates”. We asked all the Huntsville City and Madison City candidates to answer the same four questions, and have published their responses unedited and as they have sent them to us.

Get to know a little about each candidate and where they stand on serving local families in our full Know Your Vote series. We encourage all of our readers to exercise their democratic right and vote on Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

4 Questions with Ryan Clark

Q. What do you see as the top three most pressing issues facing Huntsville today? What are your plans to address those issues?
Madison needs to be prepared for the future now more than ever. We need to implement and execute the comprehensive growth plan to make sure we are prepared. This is one thing my military career has taught me. Our infrastructure, residential growth and schools must have the support we need to succeed. I will work with our Mayor and Council to make sure this continues to be a priority.

Q. Why do you believe you are the right person for this office?
I want Madison to prosper and thrive and now is a vital time for the city to be prepared for what the future holds. I am running because I have a long-term investment. My wife is pregnant with our first child and I want Madison to continue to be a destination for families to call home. I will work to make sure we have the resources to maintain and build our infrastructure, our schools to continue to be the best in that state, our parks and recreations have the support they need, while supporting retail development and residential growth. Now is the time and I am ready to be a leader in our community.

Q. If you are currently serving in this position, what new or existing initiatives do you look forward to working on? If you are a challenger, what will you do differently than the incumbent?
No answer was provided for this question.

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Q. What is your overall vision/mission when it comes to families living in your city? What are your ideas about how to best serve them specifically?
One of the things that makes Madison great is our parks, greenspaces, and recreation. We must continue to make sure we have the resources to continue to add, maintain, and upgrade these facilities. It is one of the qualities that makes Madison great.

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