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This little girl meeting a cow is udderly adorable and you helped make it happen.

This little girl meeting a cow is udderly adorable and you helped make it happen.

Heather White couldn’t sleep last week. She had been a mom on a mission, and now her goal was finally in sight. Her small daughter, Farrah, was about to turn two years old and had been asking for the same thing over and over, and Heather had no idea how to make it happen. But!!! Other local moms came to the rescue and helped fulfill Farrah’s dream of meeting… a cow. And it was seriously the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Heather can’t remember a time when her daughter hasn’t loved cows. She has a plastic cow toy that she carries around all the time. She can recite facts about cows, that they say “moo”, “eat grass”, “have udders”, and “give us milk”. When Farrah was very young, she would ask to watch videos of cows. Just cows… and her mom would have to YouTube cow videos for hours. She would laugh at them sticking out their tongues and be completely enamored by them.

Farrah even had a cow dress, but alas – no cow pals.

cow quote farrah

We’ve all had kids that get completely obsessed with something – usually it’s a toy or a character they see on TV. But sometimes that obsession can take an unusual twist and turn out to be vacuum cleaners, or robots, or… bovines.

Heather was now a mom on a mission.

She put a hopeful post out on a local parenting Facebook group asking other moms if there was anywhere they knew where Farrah could have her own long-awaited Cow Experience and, boy did they deliver!

I mean… sooooo CUUUTTTEE.

Huntsville photographer, Melanie Kolowski, just happened to be shooting mini-sessions with two baby cows named Buttons and Valentine and OMG it was love at first sight.

Hours after the photo shoot Farrah’s STILL talking about the cows and how she fed them grass and gave them kisses.

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What’s next for Farrah and her bovine friends? “She may want to be a cow for Halloween, and keep adding to her cow collection. She does want to see a “Mama cow”, and checked under the babies for udders when we first got to the photo shoot. We’ve already been invited by a friend to come see more cows in the future!

So, in honor of Farrah’s life-long dream, we’ve created a list just for her…

Where to See Cows in the Huntsville Area

Burritt On the Mountain Barnyard
Lyon Family Farm
S & J Farms in Madison
Harmony Park Safari
Shady Acres Farm in Arab
and of course… Melanie Kolowski Photography

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