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61 Days of Socially Distant Summer Fun

61 Days of Socially Distant Summer Fun

The summer of 2020 is certainly going to be different. Whether that is good or bad depends largely on you and the attitude you approach it with. Whatever happens this summer is sure to be memorable.

Below we’ve listed 61 ideas of fun things you can do with your kids – one for every day of June and July. Some of these are things you can do at home, many of these require venturing outdoors, some of these include going out in public. You don’t have to do them all. We won’t take it personally but we do hope you have fun and keep yourself, your family, and our community safe.

Download a printable list here and then CHECK OFF ALL THE THINGS!

A big thanks to Conditioned Air Solutions for sponsoring this great summer bucket list again this summer. If you have an AC need this summer, give them a call and say you saw it on RCM!

2020 Huntsville Summer Bucket List

1. Savor our rivers and lakes with a kayak or canoe trip
2. Visit a U-pick and then make all the pies 🙂
3. Grab a rod and go fishing!
4. Splish and splash around in a local creek
5. Discover some mountain bike trails
6. Learn to love camping with kids
7.  Rent a cabin or chalet at DeSoto State Park
8. Sign up for Summer Reading
9. Let your kids make ALL THE POOP jokes
10. Organize a water balloon olympics
11. Arrange for an icy treat to come to your neighborhood
12. Ignite memories and catch some fireflies
13. Ride the rails for Father’s Day
14. Trick your kids into learning with these board games
15. Discover new adventures just down the road
16. Take a horseback riding lesson or two
17. Fireworks in the backyard
18. Make ice cream in a bag
19. Fly a kite
20. Build a kinetic sand sandcastle
21. Feed some exotic animals at Harmony Park Safari
22. Fly your frisbee for some disc golf
23. Set up a backyard movie night
24. Flip and flop through the Whimsical Woods at Burritt
25. Check out some mom-tested preschool apps
26. Create your own sensory table
27.  Hit the buzzer for Rocket City’s Got Talent
28. Grab a take-home art kit from Spirited Art
29. Reserve your spot at the Huntsville Botanical Garden
30. Improve your serve and volley
31. Make a themed dinner for your family
32. Rent a water slide for your backyard
33. Find your book tribe
34. Get lessons to improve your swimming game 
35. Take a scenic drive with the family
36. Venture off on a nature hike
37. Go duck hunting in downtown Huntsville
38. Put the art in Artemis
39. Chase some North AL waterfalls
40. Look off the beaten path for your next hobby
41. Soak up sun and sprinkles at local splashpads
42. Seek out the SPACES Sculpture Trail
43. Hunt down artistic murals
44. Get healthy with the rest of Huntsville
45. Listen to an audio book with the kids
46. Seek out boredom and let your mind wander
47. Plant a crop (or just a few seeds)
48. Watch a movie with friends Covid-style
49. Go on a digital history tour of Huntsville
50. Sip a peach slushie at Scott’s Orchard
51. Prepare your child for financial freedom
52. Beat the heat in an underground cave
53. Get busy uncovering treasure with geocaching
54. Search out those Trains on Main
55. Become a backyard bird watcher/photographer
56. Play with light at the Rocket Center
57. Discover the Rocket City Civil Rights driving tour
58. Acquaint yourself with Rockwell & Wyeth at HMA
59. Crank up the speakers for virtual concerts in the park
60. Slow cook some RCM favorites
61. Sign up for a summer camp

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