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Spend the Day at 1818 Farms in Mooresville

Spend the Day at 1818 Farms in Mooresville

  • 24889 Lauderdale St, Mooresville, AL 35649
  • Phone: 256-489-0777
  • Available for farm tours, field trips, & special events

Natasha and Lawrence McCrary have taken a family dream and created a new way of life. 1818 Farms is their dream come true: they have “a small profitable farm where we could teach our children to appreciate the land and animals and to be good conservationists.”

Last weekend we had an opportunity to visit the farm with our kids. It was a fun and educational afternoon! Straight from the horse’s mouths, here is what the kids had to say…

The Animals at 1818 Farms

Isaac loved the Babydoll Southdown Sheep and the Great Pyrenees Dog named Justice. Both animals have landed a spot on his Christmas Wish List. He also liked the twin goats.

Aiden fell in love with the orange barn cats, especially the one called Trouble! The cat greeted us upon our arrival and it was love at first sight.

Libby said her favorite part was gathering the fresh eggs. She was amazed by the different types of eggs: cream, brown, brown with speckles and even a pale blue. The McCrary’s take the eggs to local farmer’s markets and sell approximately five dozen a week.

1818 Collage

Andy was shocked by the way the hens bathe. If the kids could take a bath in this manner they would be clean all the time. Did you know chickens take dust baths? The chickens find some warm, dry, loose material like dirt, sand, or mulch; and proceed to dig themselves in. They’ll dig and dig, throwing dirt all over themselves. There is a large tree near the chicken coop where the “bath house” can be found. This exercise also cleans their feathers and skin of dust mites and parasites.

Caroline Grace is our animal lover and simply could not choose. She loved ALL of the animals. Her favorite may have been Cupcake the potbellied pig. She is the Queen of the Farm.

How can you possibly choose a favorite???
How can you possibly choose a favorite???

Life Simplified

1818 Farms, named after the year Mooresville was incorporated, is constantly evolving. What began as a little dream is now a business for this family. You can find the McCrary’s at  farmers markets all over North Alabama. They also sell their goods at Harrison Brothers in downtown Huntsville, Mooresville Mercantile and in their online store at

There are several opportunities to visit the farm. In a normal year, 1818 Farms doesn’t have set hours but they are open by appointment ($5 per person for a farm tour) and for events such as children’s birthday parties, girl scout/boy scout outings, private tours, photo shoots, sheep shearing parties (once per year), Farm-to-Table Dinners. Natasha is constantly dreaming up more fun activities so it is best to get on their email list or find them on their Facebook Page.

If You Go

  • Bring a camera! The photo opportunities are great!
  • It is a farm, unless you are going for a photo shoot, allow the kids to wear play clothes that they can get dirty.
  • For parties keep the number small (10 guests plus the birthday child)… it’s an intimate setting where smaller is better for learning, attention and better opportunity for hands on involvement by all.
  • I would recommend if doing a birthday party that the children are all at least four years old, especially boys. This is an opportunity to learn, touch, and interact. Younger children may not have the attention span for this.
  • If the event you are attending does not provide a meal, pack a picnic.
  • Bring a little extra spending money to indulge yourself. Moms you should treat yourselves and buy one of the Lavender Goat’s Milk Bath Teas. After planning such a wonderful outing for your family or your child’s birthday you deserve a respite in the form of a luxurious bath!

1818 Farms Details

View Website | Facebook | Instagram
Where: 24889 Lauderdale St, Mooresville, AL 35649 (map)
Phone: 256-489-0777
Cost: $8 per person, babies ages 1 or younger are free *
Interested in additional activities? We also offer story time, song, and crafts! Pricing is listed below.
Tour Only – $8 per adult/chaperones not participating in additional activities
Tour, Story, Song – $10 per participant
Tour, Story, Song, and Craft – $12 per participant

  • Update April 2020: Farm tours are on hold until further notice due to Covid-19.

Note: This post was originally published in 2013 and has been updated with current information.

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