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Teaching Your Teen to Drive in Huntsville

Teaching Your Teen to Drive in Huntsville

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Teaching your kids to do things when they are young is so much fun! Tying shoes, playing sports, riding a bike, scrambling an egg – teachable moments like these can strengthen the bond between parent and child and create lasting memories. But nothing compares to that moment when your teenager gets their driver’s permit. There’s just something about letting a person behind the wheel whose brain isn’t all the way developed to unleash a parent’s inner Rage Monster. Lucky for you, there’s help to be had at local driving schools in Huntsville!

The risk for being in a car accident is highest when the driver is between 16-19 years old. That age group is four times more likely than an older driver to be involved in a crash. So there’s a lot at stake for making sure your teen gets a great driver’s education, and sometimes it takes a Village.

Driving Schools in Huntsville

There are some great local resources for teaching your young person to drive. These Huntsville driving schools are meant to be supplemented by family lessons at home, as well as in high school Driver’s Ed classes.

Arrows Drivers School

Phone: 256-344-4482 | View Website
Offering one on one lessons, this driving school is committed to students passing their driver’s tests on the first try.

Coach Walker’s Driving School

Phone: 256-658-3001 | View Website
With 43 years of experience Ray Walker is great at motivating anxious drivers and has a long track record of success in the Rocket City. He is state approved, licensed & insured, and only works with teens learning how to drive for the first time.

Madison Driving Academy

Phone: 256-417-7778 | View Website
This school offers a professionally developed curriculum and is dedicated to teaching all students, teens and adults, the rules of the road, while giving them the personal and proper road skills training they need. Mark Davis gives lessons seven days a week.

Jomil Driving School

Phone: 256-683-5648 | View Website
Coach Henderson has been serving Huntsville drivers for over 20 years. He trains both new teens preparing for their exams and adults that need a refresher course.

More Resources for New Drivers

Don’t wait hours in line – schedule your driver’s test online in advance on the Self-Scheduler Website. It works for Learner’s Permit Tests too!

If you prefer to Walk-In for Learner and Driver Tests, you can do that at any of the following North Alabama locations. Just be sure to arrive early – they fill up fast!

If your teen is preparing for their Learners License, the Alabama Drivers Test has a smartphone app that can help quiz them before they take the written test. It’s pretty handy!

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DID YOU KNOW? If your teen gets nervous and fails the written test for the Learner’s Permit the first time, they can hop back in line and take it again on the same day if time allows. You’ll have to pay the $10 test fee again, but it beats having to wait for another day.

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