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Genius Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

Genius Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

The Halloween candy lethargy is starting to set in, but what should you do with all that sugar? We have our favorite ideas. Leave yours in the comments!

Big thanks to the moms in the Mom2Mom of Huntsville & Madison County Facebook Group for contributing ideas!

How to Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Donate your leftover Halloween candy. Many charities, shelters, crisis relief centers, and food pantries take candy donations. Teachers do too – it’s a great addition to reward treasure chests in their classrooms. If you’ve got excess, why not share some? We know both North AL Foster Closet and Manna House are collecting this year.

Bake with it. Unwrap all the chocolate bars, give them a rough chop, and freeze for Candy Bar Cookies or ice cream toppings. Make a Butterfinger Cake or Candy Bar Pie. Or any of these tasty treats.

Trade it! Let the Switch Witch trade it out for a toy.

Sell it. Some dentists are participating in a buy-back program. Your child can take his or her candy to a participating dentist and they’ll pay per pound. The candy they collect is getting sent to the troops overseas. Click here for more information.

Send it to the troops yourself! You can donate it to the troops via Operation Gratitude.

Make goodie bags for people in your community. The mailman, garbage collector, or librarian at storytime often get overlooked. Take some to the local fire department or police precinct. They’d be stoked to have a little treat in the middle of their work day.

Save it to celebrate the December holidays with. Use some of your leftover Halloween candy in your Advent countdown or Hanukkah nights. They make great gingerbread house decorations too. Why buy what you’ve already got?

Celebrate with it! Hosting a party soon? Sneak away some of your leftover Halloween candy now and use it to stuff a piñata at a birthday party or baby shower. Add it to your party favor bags.  Check out our party ideas!

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