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Win a Family Membership to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center!

Win a Family Membership to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center!

When you’re talking about giving experiences instead of things, this one is hard to beat. An annual Mars Family Membership is $165 and gets you access to special events as well as unlimited admission to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center throughout the year.

Before you balk at that price tag, consider this: a family of four would break even if you go just twice a year. Plus you get discounts on food and at the gift shop and FREE general admission to more than 250 participating ASTC Passport Science Centers worldwide AND reciprocal membership to more than 50 participating Smithsonian Affiliate museums! If you take day trips to Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Birmingham, or Memphis you can get in to many of their kid’s science museums for free as a member.

This is truly a membership that keeps on giving, especially if your family loves space, likes to visit museums, and enjoys VIP treatment at special events. It’s a great gift idea for grandparents!

Speaking of VIP treatment at special events, one is coming up…

A USSRC Christmas Event on Dec. 9th, 2018

What better way to enjoy the magical season than with a holiday magic show! Cosmic Carols & Cocoa is a signature event for kids and families at the Space & Rocket Center. Hot chocolate, cookie-decorating, and holiday craft stations will be inside The Davidson Center for Space Exploration. The Magical Mad Scientist, Dr. Osborn, will present “Search for Santa’s Secrets!” – a show full of funny, zany and full of holiday magic!

When you’re a member, you get in FREE to this event, and tickets go fast!

Giveaway Details

What: A Mars Family Membership to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite part of the Space & Rocket Center! Do you have a spacey aspect to celebrating Christmas in your family? We’ll draw a winner on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 8:00 PM.

Don’t Want to Risk It?

If this all sounds right up your family’s alley and you don’t want to take a gamble on winning a giveaway, you can take steps to ensure your family doesn’t miss this event… or any other exclusive membership event at the Space & Rocket Center by asking for a membership of your very own from Santa this year.

[themify_box style=”red info”]Giveaways for the Holidays is one of our favorite Rocket City Mom holiday traditions. We’ll be giving away one or more holiday related prizes each week through December 15th. Be sure to mark your calendar and then check back with us here or on our Giveaway Page to see what all we have in store. Good Luck! [/themify_box]

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  • We love the interesting ways to learn things without even working hard.

  • We love visiting the USSRC. My kids still talk about the robot zoo exhibit from a couple years back.

  • We haven’t been yet! We recently moved here but all my daughter talks about is getting to go to space camp once she turns 9 LOL

  • We love the different exhibits they have. Our favorite was robot zoo. Unfortunately, we don’t have any space Christmas traditions.

  • I love the changing exhibits….always love to see what’s new….if I can drag the 6 year old out of Spark Lab!!

  • We love the Space & Rocket Center! Been taking my son since he was 2 years old. We love it all, when i asked my son what his favorite part was he said he loves it all!

    We go to the Cosmic Carol’s & Coco every year.

  • We love the Space & Rocket Center! Been taking my son since he was 2 years old. We love it all, when i asked my son what his favorite part was he said he loves it all!

    We go to the Cosmic Carol’s & Coco every year.

  • My boys love walking me through the outdoor exhibits and telling me everything that they learned at space camp about each rocket. They can tell me all the ‘inside secrets’ about the exhibits in the museum. Our favorite part though is Thursday nights under the Saturn 5.

  • One of my favorite parts is seeing how excited my son is to see all the rockets outside when we drive by or visit! My son loves playing & exploring all the exhibits inside & of course trying to convince us to buy something from the gift shop!

  • My family’s favorite part is the history. My 13 year old will walk around for hours reading every plaque. I can’t wait to get the 2 year old there!

  • Our favorite is walking under the Saturn 5. We also always visit Miss Baker’s grave.

  • We love the different exhibits they have throughout the year. The dome theater was a lot of fun too! My kids really enjoy the play area in the Davidson Center too!

  • My 3 year old loves the exhibits and the rockets!! My grandfather and dad both used to work for Rocketdyne so my son loves hearing and seeing all of the parts his grandpa’s helped make!! USSRC is our favorite place to visit!

  • My son loves the special exhibits but wishes items from SciQuest would have made it to the USSRC.

  • Favorite part is seeing my daughter learn more about space. She loves space and has asked to have her room redecorated in galaxy theme for Christmas.

  • I love seeing my kids love science! We don’t get to go as much as we would like, so I love seeing their faces light up as they explore the different exhibits. My kiddos also really enjoy the play area in the Davison Center.

  • We love the changing exhibits, all the cool toys and gadgets at the gift shop, and that they are one of only a few places in the world that play Star Wars films in their Imax theatre!

  • I love all the questions that come from our 6 year old when we leave! He is fascinated with all things space and always finds questions to ask!

  • We have lived in the area 2 years and have yet to go :/

    Winning would be amazing! Haha

  • We went when we had family in town and my kids were too tiny to appreciate it, but my son has recently become very excited about space ships and I think he’d LOVE to see them up close and in person! I loved seeing the moon rocks. We don’t have a spacey Christmas Tradition yet, but I’m excited to check out the Christkindlmarket there this year!

  • My favorite part of the Space and Rocket Center is the awe and amazement I experience and see every time I visit. From the varying special exhibits to the Saturn V in the Davidson Center, there is so much history, science, and learning that I’m always blown away.

  • Our favorite is walking under the Saturn V. We also always visit Miss Baker’s grave.

  • I’ve always loved the imax dome theatre at the Space & Rocket Center the most! Looks so real!

  • My favorite part the Space & Rocket Center is the awe and amazement I experience and see every time I visit. From the varying special exhibits, to the Saturn V in the Davidson Center, there’s so much history, science, and learning that I’m always blown away.

  • We love just the fact that it is here. A high tech, ever changing, amazing venue on Space that’s great for the family. The Space and Rocker Center is something to point to when encountering people who stereotype the South!

  • We love that it’s a perfect family day activity for all the kids in our home!

  • My kids could spend all day at the outdoor kids playground and ride!

  • We are new to the area and love the space center! The changing exhibits are great and the 2 times we’ve been we’ve learned something new each time

  • Our favorite part of the Space and Rocket center are the people. From the moment you walk in, until the time you leave, there is always a friendly eager staff smiling waiting to share. They make space come to life!

  • My kids love to make the rockets and take them to the rocket launchers to see how far they’ll fly in the sky. This year we bought a rocket ornament to put on our tree and the named it Rockie 🙂

  • my grandchildren are making a tradition of taking photos with the space suits

  • We are all about space in our family. Our son’s bedroom is even space themed. We love to visit the exhibits and the IMAX theater when we can!

  • We just moved to the area sp we haven’t been great, but I love the way my boy’s face lights up whenever we drive by it!

  • My family loves the changing themes that come through the Space and Rocket Center. I myself could just sit and stare at the rockets outside once we’re done going through the whole building.

  • We love the new exhibits, spark lab for the little ones, and our adventure seakers also enjoy the rock wall and simulation rides.

  • We love it all, but the Davidson is our Favorote part. My kids can stay all day in there.

  • We love everything !! My kids favorite thing there is space camp!!! They offer so many interesting events there and hands on workshops!! We are also so happy this is only 10 minutes from our home so we can enjoy it any day we’d like! It’s just a great place to walk around something for all ages to enjoy!

  • I like the historical exhibits inside, but my favorite thing is watching my 16yo (oldest of 4) who loves science and space. She gets so excited!

  • My active boys love all of the “rides” outside! We would love to win!

  • My child loves the hands on aspects, and I am in awe of the magnitude of rockets!

  • I love the hands on exhibits that bring you into the space travel experience.

  • Have not been in soo long, I cannot say my favorite part. However, my 10 year old went a while back and loved the rides/simulators they have.

  • My (almost) 6 year old son loves all of the outdoor rockets and aircraft. I love all of the changing exhibits and the history that I can teach my kids. Ever since my son’s first visit last year he has become obsessed with all things space and cannot wait to go back.

  • Of course I love the changing exhibits because it adds something new and exciting! I always loved riding space shot when I was young. Now that I have a family I’d love to be able to take them to experience all the fun and excitement about space!
    When I was young my family always watched Rocket Boys every year!

  • My 3 year-old daughter loves the rockets so much and asks if we are going to drive by them every time we’re on 565. She plays “blast off” with the rocket magnet on our fridge. We would take full advantage of having a membership!

  • We have only been once since moving here and look forward to going back. Our girls enjoy anything hands on and seeing how things work.

  • We absolutely LOVE all of it! I can’t pick just 1 favorite part, but if I had to it would be all of the “hands on” activities …..💖🎄🎅

  • We love the hands on activities. I get with my oldest son’s father every year and enjoy a day together. We like to show our son that working together is what makes us work. We would go more if we was to win a membership. Lol

  • I’ve been in Huntsville for about 3 years and have yet to visit the Space and Rocket center but I know I would love everything about it and so would my 13 month old! (We love space!)

    • Congrats Ashley – you are our random winner! Please check your email to claim your membership.

  • My child loves everything about going to the Space and Rocket Center, especially the gift shop!

  • We homeschool and would absolutely love a membership!! We love walking around looking at all of the space items especially the rockets outside.

  • We love all the fun things our toddlers can even enjoy! We have recently moved here and can’t wait to learn more about what they have to offer!

  • My daughter loves the USSRC. She has already decided she’s gonna be a rocket engineer. Loves all the STEM activities. Loves the “big rocket” as she calls it.

  • I love that there are traveling exibits and always something new to see and learn about.

  • We like the exhibits in the Davidson Center and the fun community events they host like the Biergarten.

  • This would be an amazing package to win! I recently moved here for work but always wanted to go to space camp and the rocket center when I was growing up.

  • We absolutely love the Space and Rocket Center! My two young boys are just mesmerized by all the shuttle and airplane parts on display!

  • We love the changing exhibits and all of the wonderful extra learning activities they have throughout the year!

  • We love the whole entire museum! The exhibits that always change and the fun that literally for the entire family can enjoy!

  • I always love going to see an imax movie there as well as the exhibits that are featured there throughout the year.

  • We absolutely loved the inventors exhibit last year! There is definitely something for the whole family to see. Merry Christmas!

  • We especially love it when they have the tables set out and do hands on activities with the kids.

  • We celebrate the solstice on the 21st and star gazing is a part of this tradition. My oldest loves going to the museum for all the buttons he can push.

  • We love the Space and rocket center!!! My favorite part would be all the memories I have there! Ones from space camp when I was a kid and ones from when we have taken our kids over the years!! I love the indoor play place to give us a break from all that walking!!

  • The space shot has been my favorite since childhood. Now I really love the memories that come flooding back every time I’m there!

  • I always loved the centrifuge as a kid but my old back can’t take it much anymore! Now I just go for the space shot 😉 We love the Rocket Center but haven’t been in a long time – this would be awesome.

  • We love the Space and Rocket Center! It’s really the most iconic place here since Huntsville is known as Rocket City ! We love seeing the new exhibits that come and we also love the things that are there year round. I love that they are making changes and adding things that younger kids love. We also love Saturday Scientist ! My kids always have a fun learming experience !

  • We love all the changing events, the friendly staff and the many things to see that rotate in the exhibits!

  • I would love to say my children ask to go so they can view the exhibits, but I know all they really want to do is play inside the Davidson Center. I think it’s because they don’t like to be shod. 🤷 Anyway, we would love to win the giveaway, because mom & dad love the exhibits!

  • My daughter loves everything about the Space and Rocket Center. She has been to Space Camp so whenever we visit she loves pointing out everything she learned while there.

  • It may be corny, but the gift shop. We love to buy everything space/huntsville related for relatives. Any time there is a gift exchange we go to the USSRC!

  • I love how there’s something for everyone at the Space & Rocket Center! The kids enjoy just visually taking in the exhibits while the teens and adults can spend time learning the details (and sharing those with the children in a way they can best understand). The kids also look forward to the rides and activities that make space come alive for them.

  • In the Davidson Center my favorite is moon rock and the actual Apollo 16 space ship on display. Inside the old museum building, the mock-up of the space station and the HOSC are favorites. Each year my husband and I bring several STEM camps of 20m+ students to the museum and these always generate excitement. Students really want to learn about space! I want to share that excitement with my grandsons!

  • We always have a great time at the Rocket Center. I love that the exhibits change periodically. And my nieces love going every time they come to town (and they’re from Houston, TX!).

  • We always enjoy our visits to the Rocket Center. My favorite would be that the exhibits change. My nieces love visiting the Rocket Center whenever they’re in town, and they’re from Houston, TX!

  • My daughter is so mesmerized by all things in space from the milky way, to dwarf planets to learning about changing constellations throughout the year. She would absolutely be thrilled to have a membership to go to the USSRC when ever she wanted without us having to worry about the cost of admission for each visit. Thank you for considering us in your drawing.

  • My favorite part of the space and rocket center is the changing exhibits. My kids’ favorite part is the rock climbing wall. What an awesome giveaway!!

  • We enjoy the Rocket Center, especially because we have a space obsessed 7 year old who is counting down the days (years…sigh) until he can go to space camp!

  • We love the rides and activities for our kiddos. They get to burn off energy while learning and engaging their brains. Win/win!

  • We love taking guests from out of town. The exhibits are very interesting.

  • We love watching our boys light up when we go to the Space and Rocket Center. The hands on experiences have made such a huge difference in their love for Science and Space!

  • Our family’s favorite part is the mars rover! Which is so surreal to me, because growing up as a child I remember when it FIRST came to the Space and Rocket Center and how excited we were as kids. Now, to watch my sons go crazy over it and ride it over and over again ? While learning about space and having fun? Life came full circle. And I’ve become my mom lol

  • We love the special events that come to the Space and Rocket Center. The kids love the history and the simulators. We’d love a membership!

  • We love the special events and talking to the docents about what part they played in space history.

  • My family and I love exploring the Space and Rocket Center! Our girls always enjoy the changing exhibits and playing while they learn.

  • A few years ago The Space and Rocket Center offered a “summer pass” (which I learned about through this website- thank you!! 😍) and my boys LOVED it. We went to the space center at least 3-4 times a week and loved their STEM class for 4-6 year olds!

  • We love the rockets! My 4 year old son loves to proclaim “we’re in rocket city!” whenever we drive by the center.

  • The Space & Rocket Center introduced both children to a love of the stars and the technology to get us there. We love to immerse ourselves for hours in family “space missions” using the interactive artifacts and models throughout. As a result, my daughter wants a telescope for Christmas so she can explore the sky and discover a new star or galaxy.

  • The Saturn V hall is our favorite! We recently took the tour and learned so many interesting things.

  • My kids would love climbing in all of the space capsules, etc and going on the rides.

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