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Best Date Restaurants for Teens in Huntsville

Best Date Restaurants for Teens in Huntsville

When I was a teenager, one easy way to tell I had a date soon was that my car would be spotless. My 12-year-old Toyota was a modest carriage, but if there was going to be a young lady in it, it would at least be clean. And if I had a clean car, then I had $100 in my pocket, because that’s what I habitually saved for a date. That was pretty safe dinner-and-a-movie funding.

I’m not so sure now, though – the movie takes a bigger bite now, for one thing. Whether the asker treats (as was essentially universal in my day) or each pays, we’re still talking kids’ budgets, so economy is appreciated. Yet we all want as much as we can get for our money, right?

Here are four date restaurants for teens in Huntsville that are wallet-friendly yet still deliver a lot of impact.

Oshi Poke

1. Oshi Poke & Sushi

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Oshi Poke and Sushi delivers fresh, flavorful, and eye-catching food, and its location right in the middle of Huntsville’s downtown renaissance promises an entertaining walk afterward. Oshi was a lot of the inspiration for this article.

Wayback Burgers Huntsville

2. Wayback Burgers

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Wayback Burgers offers that classic rock ‘n’ roll cafe vibe, with easily sharable milkshakes. Plus, there might be a good game of how-adventurous-is-my-date in suggesting a Triple Triple for the both of you.

3. Pofta Buna

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For a different kind of walk, as well as impeccable hip credentials, it’s tough to beat Pofta Buna International Cafe. Share some crepes, then enjoy the delightfully unpredictable dynamics of a stroll through Lowe Mill A&E.

The Huntsville metropolitan area, rapidly closing on half a million people, is a wonderful place to be a hungry teenager on a date. An experience of distinction need not break the bank.

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