Have Mad Fun at Huntsville’s Rage Room

Bright neon colored paint is included in the Blacklight Splatter Room at Huntsville's Rage Room.

Your next date night or girl’s night out in Huntsville just got messier! Rage Room Huntsville, now located in the old Southern Adventures building near downtown Huntsville, has added a Splatter Room option to their Rage Room facility.

You’ll have a blast taking out your anger in a Rage Room – smashing glass, radios, wine bottles, plates, printers, and more – while wearing goggles and jumpsuits. The room is set up with things to destroy with a ‘wall of weapons’ to select from that include bats, big ol’frying pans, hammers, sledge hammers, mallets, crow bars, golf clubs and something I can only describe as a ‘beheader’!

Depending on the package you select, your Rage Room varies in price starting at $20 for BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) to an up to 10 People Bash Special that includes an hour in the Nerf Arena at $370.

What’s included at Rage Room?

The most popular package, date night, includes:

  • jumpsuit
  • protective face mask/plastic shield
  • gloves
  • 40 small to medium sized items & 2 large items
  • 30 minutes of smashing time
  • Rage Room playlist music is played in the room

Hate that porcelain figurine you got at your wedding shower? There’s also a BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakables) option so you can bring it and smash it! You can also donate unwanted items to Rage Room instead of trashing them. They will even pick it up from you for free, or you can donate the smaller items in the plastic bins out front of the doors. View a complete list of packages and pricing here.

An outdoor Nerd arena at Rage Room includes shelter made from tires and natural landscaping.
An outdoor Nerf arena is included with some of the packages at Rage Room.

New Splatter Room Opens at Rage Room

Got artistic rage? Check out their new blacklight Splatter room! Enjoy 30 minutes of splattering your own take home canvas and rocking out to your own music in your own private room! We had no rage, just pure unadulterated fun, laughs, and permission to get messy!

Like with the Rage Room, there are several levels and packages to chose from that range from larger parties, solo sessions and date night/girl’s night sessions. There are also party options that range from $225 – $410. View a complete list of packages and pricing here.

Our Date Night Session Included:

-White T-shirt
-4 paint colors

The paint provided was enough for us to have fun with our canvases, splatter each other, and the walls. If you run out of paint during your session you can purchase more out front. You can also upgrade to a bigger canvas size if you chose for an additional charge. You are provided with spray bottles filled with paint and water, paint brushes, painting sponges, cups of paint and small paint bottles.

Tips for Your Rage Room Visit:

  • Your shoes and pants will get paint on them. Wear ‘painting’ clothes or wear your own zip up painting suit with booties to protect your shoes.
  • Clear a flat space in your car to transport your wet artwork home. You are given a large paper underneath.
  • Bring a trash bag. We put our wet painting shirts/painting suit into the trash bag to transport home.
  • We kicked up our art a notch by placing a vinyl sticker in the center that we peeled off after the paint dried to have a negative (white space) with the splattered colors all around.
Bright neon colored paint covers clothes and skin after participating in the Splatter Room at Rage Room.
Wear clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting paint on if you plan to visit the Splatter Room.

Plan Your Huntsville Rage Room Visit

Address: 2150 Leeman Ferry Circle SW, Huntsville (Map)

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Phone: 256-715-0390

Cost: Ranges from $20-$370, see prices

Ages: 12-Adults | Kids ages 12-15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian; younger children may be allowed based on ability to properly wear the safety gear.

Rage Room Huntsville is available by appointment only.

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