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Athens Kiddie Carnival Damaged in Accident

Athens Kiddie Carnival Damaged in Accident

Athens Kiddie Carnival

RCM readers, we need your help! The Athens Lions Club Kiddie Carnival, one of northern Alabama’s hidden gems, has been operating for almost 60 years. The carnival is open for only a few weeks each summer; admission is free and rides are only 50 cents (you can read a our review here).

This year the carnival is running at reduced capacity, as one of its cherished rides is inoperable. According to a post on its Facebook page, “Yesterday during the day we had a vehicle leave the road and run into the Rocket Ride. The only injury was to the Rockets and the ride itself and we are thankful for that. The Rockets will be out of commission for a while, but we will be open as normal.”

Keith Barksdale, current President of The Athens Lions Club elaborates: “A young boy lost control of his vehicle and damaged/destroyed fencing, a telephone pole, and the ride. It was an accident and he was not seriously injured, which we are thankful for.”

Just a glimpse of the Kiddie Carnival from previous years.

Athens Lion’s Club Invaluable to the Community

The revenue from the carnival covers most of the Lions Club’s community projects for the entire year. The club is known far and wide for funding eye exams for individuals and families, and financial support for local children with diabetes. The loss of the ride’s revenues and the costs of repair threaten to put a damper on this year’s receipts. A kid-sized scrambler ride was also inoperable as of this weekend.

To help alleviate costs, carnival-goers have set up a GoFundMe page that currently has about $1100 pledged with a goal of $10,000. Just think… if every RCM Reader threw in just a buck we could fully fund this project in a matter of hours! The work this club does is so important to this community. Won’t you help?

Athens Kiddie Carnival
Happier days… CLICK TO DONATE!

My family, along with many of the RCM staff, family and friends have enjoyed this attraction for years and hopefully for many more to come. If you are able, please donate and share with your friends to help spread the word. Little kids all over North Alabama thank you!

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