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Rocket City Mom Might Disappear

Rocket City Mom Might Disappear


Unless you take a few easy precautions, chances are very high that you won’t be seeing much from us when you scroll through your Facebook feed. Even if you “Like” us. It’s all because of a new thing called Facebook Zero.

Let’s be clear here, isn’t going ANYWHERE. We’re still the best place for parents to go for free & cheap fun with the kids, classes, camps, and parenting resources in Huntsville. We’ve always been first and foremost, a website. But so many of our Readers ONLY consume all of our RCM goodness on Facebook, and those are the people who will see us less and less.

But You Can Do Something About It!

And it only takes a few seconds. You have three options and you can choose one or do them all!

1. Subscribe to our Newsletter(s)
If you do this, you’ll just get all of our stuff in your inbox once a week. We’ll even send it out on Thursday mornings so you’ll be the first to see the Weekend Roundup! Sign up for that HERE. (We also have a new daily email you can get that we’re having a lot of fun with. It’s optional.)

2. Join Our Facebook Group
Still love Facebook but don’t want to miss a thing? Join our Rocket City Mom Super Readers Group! We’ll post there once a day when we have something new to share.

3. Adjust Your Facebook Settings
We won’t disappear with this option, but even if you do it you will probably see us less in your feed. Here’s how:

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ON YOUR PHONE: Go to our Facebook Page. Tap the “Following” icon with the plus sign. Tap “Get Notifications”. Tap “Edit Notification Settings” then tap “Posts”.

ON A DESKTOP OR TABLET: Go to our Facebook Page. Hover your cursor over the “Following” button at the top. Click “See First”.

That’s it! Thanks for all your support over the years – we hope you’ll continue to be a RCM Reader.

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  • That’s odd. I just tested it again and it worked fine for both but just in case, I signed you up (with the email address you used here) for both our daily and weekly newsletters!

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