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Our Favorite Stories from 2017

Our Favorite Stories from 2017

From Day One, more than seven years ago, Rocket City Mom has had a pretty simple mission statement: Making Parenting in Huntsville Easier.

Nothing groundbreaking there, but we’re actually really proud of how closely we stick to this mission when making decisions about who we do business with (all advertisers are local businesses – no Google Ads here), what organizations we support (our charitable efforts stay in North AL), and most importantly, what articles we publish.

For this year’s retrospective, we decided to forgo our normal criteria. No worrying about which articles got the most views, or which posts had the most shares or comments. We decided to simply pick our personal favorites. Lo and behold, they fit perfectly into one of three categories.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to look over these gems from 2017 and click on titles you might have missed. We believe you’ll find a few favorites of your own and we hope that having us in your life has made this incredible journey a little easier.


P.S. We don’t want to forget to give credit to all the wonderful contributors to the site. These local parents have made Rocket City Mom what it is today and we appreciate them sincerely for the wisdom they share on the page and the friendships that have made our own journey easier. 


Topics in this category cover a wide-range. From preparing for the teenage years, to dealing with social media pressure to be perfect. There’s advice from experts about handling special needs education as well as talking to your kids about porn. So, basically just your run of the mill week for parents. This gig is not for the weak.


We love our city and the towns surrounding it that make up the community commonly known as the Tennessee Valley. These articles and posts give you just a glimpse into what makes it such a special and unique place to raise a family. Here you’ll find an insider’s perspective on the River City, while another parent shares their review of a local eatery that’s been in North AL for 95 years. 10-year-old Ben’s review of Rock City is a fantastic testimonial to how much fun your own kids will have there. We meet the local adults and students behind PEARLS, an amazing student club at Jemison High School, and finally we learn about a new program in AL aimed at helping families ensure their babies sleep safely.


We don’t have a magic wand but when it comes to raising kids we believe firmly in the whole “It Takes a Village” mantra. That means we do our best to share tips when we have them (but no judgement) and we try to make moms and dads smile when we can. The sage advice shared here includes recipes for your Instant Pot (most popular post of the year), along with how to get involved in the local LARP scene (and what that is), and best practices for riding the school bus from award-winning teacher and bus driver, Mr. Tom Brandon. For laughs and smiles we’ve got a lovely collection of poems by local dad Ben Shapiro and if you click on nothing else from this list you’ve got to experience our newest correspondent “Beth on the Street” or rather, Beth approaching random strangers at Target and grilling them about tax-free weekend. We promise no one got hurt in the making of this video.


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