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Gnome hunt at Huntsville Botanical Garden is outdoor winter fun for everyone!

Gnome hunt at Huntsville Botanical Garden is outdoor winter fun for everyone!

  • Gnomes return to the Garden January 4.
  • Gnome locations change weekly.
  • Be sure to ask the front desk for a gnome guide.

I have to admit that, even though we’ve had a membership for over 10 years, once we walk through the Christmas Lights at the Botanical Gardens in November, we don’t usually go back until it warms up enough for spring blooms and picnic lunches. Pro-tip: Those mid-week picnic lunches are a family favorite and are the perfect way to actually enjoy a mid-day lunch with littles under foot.

However, recently my husband suggested going to the garden on a Saturday in January since we thought a hike on a local mountain might be too windy that day and we were itching to be outside. So, we packed up the kids and headed out for a new winter adventure.

Gnomes Huntsville Botanical Garden
You never know what you’ll find at the garden!

We meandered our way around the garden and even though there were some areas cautioned off for maintenance, like the Azalea Bush Trail, the kids didn’t seem to mind. In fact, as we walked around they talked about all the different areas and special exhibits they remembered enjoying in the past. As we made our way to the Children’s Garden my husband was the first to spot a gnome by the entrance, and that’s when I remembered seeing a social media post about gnomes hiding around the garden as they get ready for spring. A race was on and as the kids ran to each area there were shouts of “I found it first!” The big kids played with the little kids and they all took turns showing each other things as they found more and more gnomes hiding.

As a family we made some new memories and found 12 gnomes that day, though, I was told later there are 14 total. So, obviously, now we have to go back and see if we can find them all! Half the family finally got to see the new bird watching area and my husband discovered areas like the secret garden and sunflower maze, all located in the Children’s Garden.

A race was on and as our kids ran to each area, there were shouts of “I found it first!”

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young girl playing in water fountains at a splash pad
There are 14 gnomes total just waiting for you to find them!

The garden employees will move the gnomes each week to a different section of the garden for their entertainment and yours. If you need something fun and easy to do outdoors with all ages this winter, head on over to the Botanical Garden and explore some different areas of the garden, you might discover something new while searching for the gnomes. I’m sure I’ll be back, at least with my youngest, to count some more gnomes and see where they are hiding before spring arrives.

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