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Josh Turner Announces Huntsville Concert for The Great Diaper Drive

Josh Turner Announces Huntsville Concert for The Great Diaper Drive

When I first met country music star, Josh Turner, last year, he told a story about having four kids. At the time I was pregnant and thought, WOW – his poor wife was pregnant FOUR times?! She must really love his voice…

Fast-forward to today: Josh Turner is coming to Huntsville for a concert to support The Great Diaper Drive! Since I first heard him I’ve become a new mom to my (beautiful, wonderful, smart) 7-month-old. Now I’m thinking, FOUR KIDS? How many diapers did they go through???

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How a Concert for Diapers Came to Be

When the country station I work with – 102.1 WDRM-FM and iHeartMedia – first joined The Great Diaper Drive, we wanted to find a way to both make a difference AND have a great time. We know that country music fans are some of the most caring, compassionate people and wanted to reach them with this message. So through radio magic, (read: incredibly generous partnerships with record labels, artists, and our managers) we were able to get Mr. Josh Turner to put on a concert to benefit the Great Diaper Drive.

Josh Turner Great Diaper Drive

Now you Rocket City Moms have been in the know about this annual drive since it started five years ago, but I’ll be honest. I cared about babies and diapers before, but now as a parent I’ve heard the sound of a baby crying because of a dirty diaper & it just rips at my heart.  The thought of someone having to use a plastic bag as a makeshift diaper because they can’t afford anything is something I want to help with in any way possible.

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Want to Go With Josh?

So here’s what I’m asking you to do. Come hang out with me, Josh Turner, and a couple hundred other friends on October 15th, at Stand Up Live in Huntsville. Tickets are $20 and all ages are welcome! Seats are limited, so get yours here before they’re gone!

ABOUT JOSH: Does the name Josh Turner kinda ring a bell? He’s the one who sings, “Baby Lock Them Doors and Turn Them Lights Down Low,” ‘Why Don’t We Just Dance,’ Long Black Train,’ ‘Would You Go With Me’ and his latest #1 Single, “Hometown Girl.”

Great Diaper Drive Concert Details

When: Sunday, October 15 at 7:00 PM
Where: Stand Up Live! Huntsville (map)
Cost: $20 per seat | Purchase tickets online


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