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Great Big Back to School Giveaway

Great Big Back to School Giveaway

Welcome to Rocket City Mom’s Great Big Back to School Giveaway, where all the prizes are for parents and guardians of students in Huntsville and Madison County!

We get it – preparing kids to go back to school is exciting, and busy, and STRESSFUL. You’ve prepped the supplies. You’ve planned your dinner menus. You’ve figured out a way to get kids to extracurriculars and homework done on weeknights. You’ve joined the PTA. Now let’s do a little something nice for YOU! All ten of the giveaways below are something our partners have contributed because they know parents need to remember to be nice to themselves too. If Mom & Dad aren’t happy, NOBODY’S happy, amiright?

How to Enter & How to Claim Your Winnings

Enter one of the giveaways below, or enter them all in the Rafflecopter boxes below. Just follow the directions – it is possible for readers to have three entries to each giveaway if you choose, so why not max out your chances by doing them all? Of course if you’re short on time one entry is fine too.

You can check back here after the contest is over to see if you won but we also ALWAYS contact the winner via the email they’ve entered. Signed up via Facebook? Well then the email we’re using to contact you is the email you use to login there!

Because so many of these giveaways are for local events, the turn around time is quick and often you’ll only have 8-24 hours to claim your prize or we’ll draw a new winner. We will announce winners on August 11th, except for the comedy show winners that will be announced August 9th. Be sure to share with your friends & fellow PTA members!

Back to School Giveaways From Rocket City Mom


Get Dished for Dinner!

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate to Dished! Their delicious meals come pre-prepped and ready to heat at your family’s convenience. PLus, she delivers!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

We Got Dessert Too

Enter to win a prize pack from Frios Gourmet Pops that inludes four free pops, a coozie and a cool T-shirt.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

For Chocoholics

Enter to win a $25 gift certificate at Pizzelle’s Confections – their desserts are magical!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Treat Yo’Self

Be like Donna & Tom and treat yo’self to a 60-minute massage from Gena Rawdon Madison School of Massage. You’ll be a helping out a student masseuse too!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Margaritas with Friends

Grab your friends and head to RCM’s favorite hangout for margs and tacos – you might just see us there!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Nurture Your Creative Self

Now grab your BFF and head to Spirited Art at Campus 805 for an epic painting sesh that will melt all your stress away!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Pizza & a Movie!

Parents need alone time. Enjoy dinner for two at Uncle Maddio’s Pizza (Huntsville or Madison locations) and two movie tickets!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sushi for Date Night

Something for you and your spouse or Significant Other! Date Night is on us at one of Huntsville’s freshest restaurants.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make Something Meaningful

Go on a Date Night with your sweetie to one of these Date Night classes at Designbyhart Pottery Studio!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  • And my best back to school tip would be to get the bedtime routine set before school starts to minimize the shock ;)0

  • Don’t leave things for the morning that can be done the night before. A sleepy head, burnt toast, or early bus can throw off a routine.

  • Pick an outfit with room to grow so you can do a last day of school pic in the same outfit to see how they have grown.

  • Wow, Routine, Routine, Routine. They know what to expect and things run so much smoother.

  • When we were little, mom would arrange our outfits for the week in gallon baggies: top, bottom, socks, underwear, and matching hair accessories. Grab a baggie and get dressed! Solves the “nothing to wear” woes.

  • I put outfits together in my daughter’s drawers so she can quickly grab a set and get dressed knowing she matches and doesn’t have to spend time picking out shirts and pants.

  • What an awesome way to celebrate the parents in this whirlwind of school supplies, packing lunches, and trying to find matching socks 🙃

  • Get up extra early the first few mornings, they always seem to be the craziest.

  • We do as much the night before as we can – pick out outfits, breakfast, etc. and go to bed early!

  • Get things together the night before. I also have the girls pick out their clothes the night before also.

  • Send the kids to sleep early at least 2-3 nights before the first day of school. Prepare all the things you/they gonna need for school the day before not in the morning.

  • My kid always struggle to wake up in the mornings so he always take his shower the night before bed time in that way in the morning just get up to get dress.

  • This is awesome! I love Rocket City Mom! Good luck everyone…with the giveaway and with getting back into the school year routine.

  • I agree with the bedtime routine, and, I keep the Explore Huntsville app handy for cool things to do after school, on days off, and weekends! LOVE RCM!!

  • I use different colored highlighters for each of my children on the calendar. It makes it easier to know what is going on/or needing to be done that day for each child at a glance.

  • MEal plans and a tight schedule in my planner make sure we are all fed and getting everything done

  • Equip your children to handle responsibilities like packing lunch and getting ready!

  • Getting myself up before the kids and taking a walk helps me be ready to face the day.

  • A few tips I’ve learned over the years is be prepared. Set clothes out the night before, make lunches the night before, and check bookbags before you go to bed.

  • Love this opportunity for parents to get a back to school treat!! I need a pick me up too after sending the kids back.

  • Back to school must: Praying together! I forgot in the rush of this morning and it was the worst feeling all day. Prayers over my kids, their teachers, and their friends (new and old). I said one for them but I know it always calms their jitters.

  • I always have my girls get everything they need ready for the next day. Also start projects and reports the day the get them and not wait until last minute to start

  • I’m excited for this new school year! I usually have a boo-hoo breakfast after drop -off on the first day with some mom friends.

  • I definitely agree with making your children responsible for getting/being ready. I heard an 8yo boy at camp last week say his mom forgot to pack his socks. Um, if you need socks, it’s your job to make sure you have them!

  • Why is it hitting me harder that my son is going into 10th grade then it is my daughter is going into 2nd? I thought I would be more upset about my baby growing up. So odd!

  • Shop early for school supplies so you aren’t left with the last pick of stuff (aka all pink pencil boxes). Also, apparently the PTA Facebook pages are the ONLY place to get a lot of school information about events. So, if you don’t “like” them, you don’t know! Other advice, make use of your mom network around you (work, home, etc.) – you would be surprised that even those HS student moms remember a lot from Elementary – they may even know what you should know before you know it (thanks PTA Facebook pages that Kindergarten moms don’t know anything about).

  • Read RCM – every issue, every post – you will be prepared for back to school and every other parenting event or situation. Kudos, Jennifer and Stephenie!

  • Mine hasn’t started Kindergarten yet, but seeing all the precious back-to-school pics and tips makes my day!

  • My best advice is to try to not do too much. Choose what’s really important and stick to that.

  • Start going to bed earlier ahead of time. (Which we never seem to manage to do.)

  • I plan a crockpot meal at least once a week. I’m hoping to do more make ahead breakfasts this year.

  • For us, the best thing is not to make a big deal about the new school year. Prepping makes everyone anxious and we don’t need more anxiety!

  • My best back to school tip is get to know the teachers well and let them know up front that you are there to do whatever it takes to help your child succeed.

  • Prepare the night before; be patient in the mornings and start early; be positive; practice routines consistently; and get in car line early!! Thanks for the chance to win something fun for parents!

  • I truly could use the massage, after caring for two teenagers , working full time and caring for my elderly mother, I am left with a little stress in my neck and shoulders.

  • Make sure bedtime routine has already begun before school starts. Going to bed on time, and therefore (hopefully) waking up on time, sets the tone for a routine day and routine school year.

    Don’t forget to cheers your significant other with a glass of wine once your angels are dreaming away. 🙂

  • We always get everything ready the night before and get in the bed early

  • Schedule….it keeps me from going insane and keeps my 4 children knowing what to expect.

  • Plan something relaxing to do for yourself the day school starts!! Keeps the tears away!!

  • Get to bed on time! Not just the kids, but parents too. And have everything packed the night before.

  • Set up breakfast the night before. I’ll have oatmeal poured and ready for milk and microwave, etc to make the mornings a bit easier.

  • My back to school tip is to start waking up and going to bed earlier 2-3 days before school actually starts. That way they have plenty of sleep the night before school starts.

  • My tip: wake up 30 minutes earlier than you did last year. I’ve got two in school this year, and that extra 30 minutes gives us the time we need, to get both kids ready for school. We seem to be less stressed and less rushed when we do that. It makes for a better morning.

  • I have four boys. And I hate making lunches. Before school started this year, I bought a 10-pack of cheap Bento Box plastic lunch holders. It makes me happy to see the little compartments filled neatly with food. I think I’ve done better about putting fruits and veggies in their lunches too (because it looks so pretty.)

  • I like to have freezer meals I can put in the fridge to defrost in the morning & cook in the evening.

  • My best bedtime routine would be to make sure clothes are out the night before, keep kids on schedule by serving dinner at the same time every night and putting them to bed at the same time every night!

  • Prayer is the key. Commit all into the capable hands of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can power through anything gracefully.

  • My advice is make it through the 1st week back…….then I have my faith in myself to know that I got this under control! Alot of very deep breaths and laying everything out the night before has helped us in the mornings!

  • My advice is to get everyone to bed as early as possible; not JUST the kids! This new kindergarten.

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