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Rock N Roll Sushi is My Jam

Rock N Roll Sushi is My Jam

Rock n Roll Sushi is a full-service restaurant that just opened at Campus No. 805, the complex of coolness that continues to take shape on Clinton Avenue. Album covers, paintings, guitars, and other memorabilia cover the walls, complementing the rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack and pairing with 805’s quasi-industrial exposed construction nicely. Both booths and tables are available in the airy dining space, and there is also a full bar.

Opening Acts

As we perused the appetizers (Opening Acts) in our album-cover-clad menus, I spied one of my favorite things in the world — tuna tataki. Aaron and I each had an order, and it was divine — fresh and vibrant with tasty accompanying sauces. Nathan and Lea split an order of Asian boom boom shrimp, which also received high marks. The appetizer menu contains several other fried seafood items, as well as several salads. Most are $6-8, with a few outliers on either side.


Classic Rock

As you might expect given the name, there is quite a bit of fusion in the sushi menu. More traditional offerings — California roll, spicy tuna roll, salmon roll, and such — are available in the Classic Rock section of the menu. Some Americanized rolls that have been around long enough to be customary offerings, like volcano and rainbow rolls, are also offered here. These rolls are $3-12 each, with most falling in the $6-7 range. Nigiri sushi and sashimi are also available a la carte, on the Rock-n-Raw menu, for $3-5 each.

Rock N Roll Sushi Headliners

The showpiece of the menu is called Headliners. Ranging from a bit unusual to pretty outrageous, the Headliners section contains more than two dozen fusion sushi rolls. Most are named for iconic songs or artists, and there is also one named after Tommy Lee. Headliners are $9-15 per roll.


Nathan’s KISS roll was perhaps the most conventional Headliner we ordered, with shrimp, scallop, crab, eel sauce, and spicy mayo. My Ring of Fire roll had a fair bit of heat, including diced jalapeno, sriracha, and chili sauce. We supplemented these with old standbys from the Classic Rock menu, like shrimp tempura roll and spicy tuna roll. Everything was wonderful. We made three happy plates.


Now Lea does not care for sushi, so we were pleased to see options for her as well. There are several grilled entrees available, served with fried rice and vegetables. Her chicken was appealingly seasoned and tender, and the fried rice was delicious, with an unusually rich flavor.


Alas, we did not partake, but Rock n Roll Sushi offers several intriguing dessert selections, including items made with “adult” ice cream (containing alcohol). We’ll have to make a return trip and make sure we budget tummy room for dessert.

Just for Kids

The dedicated kids’ menu offers a choice of either shrimp tempura or chicken nuggets with French fries for $4.95. Highchairs are available. Restrooms are clean single-seaters that do not include changing tables. However, there is plenty of room to install them, so hopefully this will be rectified soon.

Rock n Roll Sushi is a nifty space to be in, with a relaxed vibe from the rock ‘n’ roll sights and sounds. Our service was attentive and accurate, and our food was delicious. We’re glad to have it as another fun option for a family night out.

Rock n Roll Sushi Details

Address: 2620 Clinton Avenue West, Huntsville (map)
Phone: (256) 517-8666
Sunday through Wednesday, 11 am to 9 pm
Thursday through Saturday, 11 am to 10 pm
Rock n Roll Sushi on Facebook

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